Sunday, July 3, 2011

Welcome July!


Season:  Summer (in the Northern hemisphere)

Zodiac Signs:  Cancer & Leo

Birthstone:  Ruby

Flowers:  Larkspur & Water Lily

July holidays, observances & happenings:

'Dog days of Summer'
the dreaded Summer school for some American students
"fence month" in England, the closed period of deer hunting ends July 9
mid-July:  Major League Baseball All-Star Game (on a Tuesday)
7/1   Feast of the Sacred Heart of Jesus
7/1   Canada Day
7/1   Hong Kong SAR Establishment Day
7/1   Independence Day in Somalia
7/3   Feast Day of Saint Thomas the Apostle
7/3   Independence Day in Belarus
7/4   Independence Day {"4th of July"}, USA
7/4   Filipino-American Friendship Day
7/5   Independence Day in Venezuela
7/5   Independence Day in Algeria
7/9   Independence Day in Argentina
7/7   Tanabata in Japan ("Make-a-wish" celebration)
7/10   Independence Day in the Bahamas
7/12   Battle of the Boyne/Orangemen's Day in Northern Ireland
7/14   Bastille Day (France)
7/20   Independence Day in Columbia
7/21  Independence Day/National Day in Belgium
7/24   Pioneer Day in Utah, USA
7/25   Feast Day of Saint James
7/26   Independence Day in the Maldives
7/28   Independence Day in Peru
7/30   Independence Day in Vanuatu
7/31   Throne Day in Morocco

... and many festivals, fairs, parades, field days, road races, antique shows, car shows, craft shows, farmers markets, fireworks, outdoor concerts, etc.  July is also a great month for camping, going to the beach or amusement park, weddings & showers, and just enjoying the great outdoors!

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