Tuesday, November 29, 2011

November 29

Liberation Day in Albania  (1944)


Prince Maurits of Orange-Nassau & Marie-Helene "Marilene" van den Broek   {1997}


King Alfonso XII of Spain & Archduchess Maria Christina of Austria   {1879}

The Prince George, Duke of Kent, Earl of Saint Andrews, Baron Downpatrick & Princess Marina of Greece + Denmark   {1934}


800   Charlemagne [Carolus Magnus/Charles "the Great"], King of the Franks + Lombards, Emperor of the Romans, arrives at Rome to investigate the alleged crimes of Pope Leo III.

1394   King Taejo of Joseon Korea [Yi Seong-gye/Yi Dan], founder of the Joseon Dynasty, moves the capital from Kaesong to Hanyang, today known as Seoul.


1338   Lionel of Antwerp, 1st Duke of Clarence, de jure 4th Earl of Ulster + 5th Baron of Connaught, son of King Edward III of England (d.1368)

1427   Emperor Zhengtong/Tianshun of Ming China [Zhu Qizhen] (d.1464)

1690   Prince Christian August of Anhalt-Zerbst, father of Empress Catherine II "the Great" of Russia (d.1747)

1835   Empress Dowager Cixi of China [Manchu Qing Dynasty] (d.1908)


741   Pope Gregory III

1253   Otto II Wittelsbach, Duke of Bavaria, Count Palatine of the Rhine

1268   Pope Clement IV

1314   King Philippe IV "the Fair" of France, King of Navarre + Count of Champagne [as Philip I]

1378   Charles/Karel/Karl/Carolus IV, Holy Roman Emperor (born Wenceslaus/Vaclav) + King of Italy, King of Bohemia + Count of Luxembourg, King of the Romans + King in Germany, King of Burgundy

1600   King Nanda Bayin of Burma 

1632   Friedrich V, Elector Palatine, King of Bohemia [as Fridrich I, "the Winter King"] 

1780   Empress consort Maria Theresia of the Holy Roman Empire, Queen consort of Germany, Queen of Hungary + Croatia, Archduchess of Austria, Queen of Bohemia, Dalmatia, Slavonia, Galicia + Lodomeria, Duchess of Burgundy, Styria, Carinthia + Carniola, Grand Princess of Transylvania, Margravine of Moravia, Duchess of Brabant, Limburg, Luxembourg, Guelders, Wurrtemberg, Upper + Lower Silesia, Milan, Mantua, Parma, Piacenza, Princess of Swabia, Princely Countess of Habsburg, Flanders + Tyrol, Margravine of Upper + Lower Lusatia, Countess of Namur, Lady of the Wendish Mark, Duchess of Lorraine + Bar, Grand Duchess of Tuscany

1883   Emperor Hiep Hoa of Vietnam [aka Nguyen Phuc Hong Dat]

2009   Prince Alexander/Alexandre of Belgium (half-brother of King Albert II of the Belgians) 

Monday, November 28, 2011

November 28

Cyber Monday [Xmas shopping day]  (USA)

Independence Day in Albania  (1912) {also Flag Day (1443) & National Day (1998)}

Independence Day in Mauritania  (1960)

Independence Day in Panama  (1821)


Emma van Vollenhoven   {2006} [daughter of Prince Pieter-Christiaan of Orange-Nassau (nephew of Queen Beatrix of the Netherlands)]


Prince Jean of Orleans, Duke of Vendome & Philomena de Tornos y Steinhart   {2008}


1095   On the last day of the Council of Clermont, Pope Urban II appoints Bishop Adhemar of Le Puy and Count Raymond IV of Toulouse to lead the First Crusade to the Holy Land.

1966   Michel Micombero overthrows the monarchy of Burundi and makes himself the first president.


1118   Emperor Manuel I Komnenos of the Byzantine Empire (d.1180)

1489   Princess Margaret Tudor of England, Queen consort of Scots (d.1541)

1700   Sophia Magdalene of Brandenburg-Kulmbach, Queen consort of Denmark + Norway (d.1770)

1857   King Alfonso XII of Spain (d.1885)

1916   Princess Lilian of Belgium, Princess of Rethy (d.2002)


1170   King Owain Gwynedd ap Gruffydd "the Great" of Gwynedd/Wales

1290   Queen consort Eleanor[/Alienor/Alianor] of England, Countess of Ponthieu , Infanta of Castile + Leon [as Leonor]

1763   King Naungdawgyi of Burma, Prince of Dabayin

1915   Mubarak bin Sabah Al-Sabah "the Great", Emir of Kuwait

1952   Queen consort Elena of Italy (1900-1946), Empress consort of Ethiopia (1936-1941), Queen consort of the Albanians (1939-1943), Princess of Montenegro [as Jelena]

1962   Queen Wilhelmina of the Netherlands {after 1948 she was known as Princess Wilhelmina of the Netherlands}, Duchess of Mecklenburg

1972   Princess Sibylla of Sweden, Duchess of Vasterbotten, Princess of Saxe-Coburg + Gotha, Duchess in Saxony

1982   Queen Mother Elena/Helen of Romania, Princess of Greece + Denmark

November 27

Islamic New Year

First Sunday of Advent  (Christianity)


Prince Florestan of Monaco [the future Prince Florestan I of Monaco] & Marie Caroline Gibert de Lametz   {1816}

Crown Prince Nikola/Nicholas II of Montenegro & Francine Navarro   {1976}

Fernando Gomez-Acebo y de Borbon & Monica Fernan Luque   {2004} [separated July 2011]


King Juan Carlos I of Spain   {1975}


176   Roman Emperor Marcus Aurelius grants his son Commodus the rank of Imperator and makes him Supreme Commander of the Roman legions.

1095   Pope Urban II declares the First Crusade at the Council of Clermont.

1295   The first representatives from Lancashire are called to Westminster by King Edward I of England to attend what later became known as "The Model Parliament".

1940   In Romania, the ruling party Iron Guard arrests and executes over 60 of exiled King Carol II of Romania's aides, including former minister Nicolae Iorga.

2004   Pope John Paul II returns the relics of Saint John Chrysostom to the Eastern Orthodox Church.


1127   Emperor Xiaozong of Song China (d.1194)

1630   Archduke Sigismund Francis of Austria (d.1665)

1635   Francoise d'Aubigne, Marquise of Maintenon, morganatic wife of King Louis XIV of France (d.1719)

1833   Princess Mary Adelaide of Cambridge, Duchess consort of Teck, Princess of Hanover, Duchess of Brunswick + Luneburg (d.1897)


450   Aelia Galla Placidia, Empress-mother of the Western Roman Emperor, previously Queen consort of the Goths (from 414-415), daughter of Roman Emperor Theodosius I, regent for Emperor Valentinian III

511   Clovis I, King of the Franks

602   Emperor Maurice of the Byzantine Empire

1198   Queen regnant Constance of Sicily, Empress consort of the Holy Roman Empire, Queen consort of the Romans

Saturday, November 26, 2011

November 26

Islamic New Year 


Louis Ducruet  {1992} [son of Princess Stephanie of Monaco (sister of Prince Albert II of Monaco)]


Infanta Elena of Spain & Jaime de Marichalar y Saenz de Tejada   {1994}  [separated Nov. 13, 2007; divorced Nov. 25, 2009]


Tsar Nicholas II of Russia, Emperor + Autocrat of All the Russias & Princess Alix of Hesse and by Rhine, Grand Duchess [as Alexandra Feodorovna] of Russia (upon marriage she became Tsarina Alexandra Feodorovna of Russia, Empress of All the Russias)   {1894}


Carlos Morales y de Grecia   {2005} [son of Princess Alexia of Greece + Denmark (daughter of King Constatine II of Greece)]


43 BC   The Second Triumvirate alliance of Gaius Julius  Caesar Octavianus ("Octavian", later Emperor Caesar Augustus), Marcus Aemilius Lepidus, and Mark Antony is formed.

783   The Asturian Queen Adosinda is put up in a monastery to prevent her kin from retaking the throne from King Mauregatus/Mauregato "the Usurper" of Asturias.

1476   Vlad III "the Impaler" Dracul[a] {Vlad Tepes/Wladislaus}, Prince of Wallachia, defeats Laiota Basarab III "the Old", Domnitor of the Principality of Wallachia [with the help of Prince Saint Stephen/Stefan III "the Great" of Moldavia and Stephen/Istvan/Stefan V Bathory of Ecsed] and becomes the ruler of Wallachia for the third time.


1288   Emperor Go-Daigo of Japan (d.1339)

1436   Infanta Catarina of Portugal (d.1463)

1847   Princess Dagmar of Denmark, Tsarina of Russia, Empress consort [as Maria Feodorovna] of All the Russias (d.1928)

1869   Princess Maud of Wales, Princess of Denmark, Queen consort of Norway (d.1938)


399   Pope Saint Siricius

1252   Blanca/Blanche of Castile, Queen consort of France

1504   Queen Isabella [Isabel/Ysabel/Sabela] I of Castile + Leon, Queen consort of Aragon, Majorca, Naples + Valencia