Thursday, November 17, 2011

November 17

Feast of Saint Elisabeth of Hungary  (Roman Catholic calendar post 1970)

Great American Smokeout

International Philosophy Day

International Students Day

Struggle for Freedom & Democracy Day in the Czech Republic + Slovakia 


Princess Olga of Savoy-Aosta, Duchess consort of Apulia + Aosta, Princess of Greece   {1971} [wife of Prince Aimone of Savoy-Aosta, Duke of Apulia + Aosta (son of Prince Amedeo of Savoy-Aosta, Duke of Aosta) & daughter of Prince Michael of Greece + Denmark]

Prince Wenceslas of Nassau   {1990} [son of Prince Jean of Luxembourg (son of Grand Duke Jean of Luxembourg & brother of Grand Duke Henri of Luxembourg)]


Lady Rose Windsor & George Gilman   {2007}


473   The future Leo II is named associate emperor by Emperor Leo I "the Thracian" of the Byzantine Empire.

794   Emperor Kammu of Japan changes his residence from Nara to Kyoto.

1292   John Balliol becomes King of Scotland.

1558   Elizabeth era begins:  Queen Mary I of England dies and is succeeded by her half-sister Queen Elizabeth I of England.

1878   First assassination attempt on King Umberto I of Italy during a parade in Naples.

1919   King George V of the United Kingdom proclaims Armistice Day (later Remembrance Day).

1922   Former Ottoman Sultan Mehmed VI goes into exile in Italy.


9   Emperor Vespasian of the Roman Empire (d.79)

1612   Dorgon, Prince Rui, Manchu prince (d.1650)

1729   Infanta Maria Antonia Fernanda/Ferdinanda of Spain, Queen consort of Sardinia [as Maria Antonietta Ferdinanda] (d.1785)

1755   King Louis XVIII "the Unavoidable" of France + Navarre (d.1824)

1905   Queen consort Astrid of the Belgians, Princess of Sweden (d.1935)


344   Emperor Kang of Jin (China)

375   Emperor Valentinian I "the Great" of the Roman Empire

641   Emperor Jomei of Japan

885   Queen Luitgard of Saxony, Lotharingia, East Francia [Germany], + Bavaria, later Duchess consort of Swabia

1231   Princess Saint Elisabeth of Hungary, Landgravine consort of Thuringia

1558   Queen Mary I of England + Ireland, Queen consort of Spain, Naples, + the Spanish East & West Indies, Duchess consort of Brabant, Limburg, Lothiar, Milan, Guelders + Luxembourg, Countess Palatine consort of Burgundy, Countess consort of Habsburg, Tyrol, Artois, Flanders, Hainaut, Holland + Zeeland, Archduchess of Austria

1562   King [consort] Antoine de Bourbon of Navarre, Duke of Vendome

1592   King Johan III of Sweden, Grand Prince of Finland

1796   Empress Catherine II "the Great" of Russia, Empress + Autocrat of All the Russias [previously Empesss consort Catherine of Russia] [born Princess Sophie Friederike Auguste/Sophia Augusta Fredericka of Anhalt-Zerbst] {Nov. 17 is the New Style date; Old Style date is Nov. 6}

1818   Princess Charlotte of Mecklenburg-Strelitz, Duchess of Mecklenburg, Princess of Wenden, Schwerin + Ratzeburg, Countess of Schwerin, Queen consort of the United Kingdom + Hanover

1905   Grand Duke Adolphe of Luxembourg, Duke of Nassau

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