Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Welcome November!


Season:  Autumn (Northern hemisphere)

Zodiac Signs:  Scorpio & Sagittarius

Flower of the Month:  Chrysanthemum

Birthstones:  Citrine & [Yellow] Topaz

Moon Names:  Beaver Moon & Frosty Moon

Important dates in November.  Holidays, special events, celebrations, etc...

1  All Saints' Day/Hallowmass/All Hallows Day  (Christianity)
1  Samhain (Northern hemisphere) (Gaels, Irish, Scottish, Celtic, Neopagans)
1  Dia de los Muertos  (Mexico)
1  World Vegan Day
1  Melbourne Cup horse race in Australia
2  All Souls Day  (Christianity)
2  Dia de los Muertos  (Mexico)
3  Feast of Saint Martin de Porres  (Roman Catholic; Lutheran; Anglican)
3  Feast of Saint Hubert  (Roman Catholic)
4-7  Hajj Pilgrimage  (Islam)
4  Mischief Night  (Britain)
5  All Saints' Day, official in Sweden (2011)
5  Day of Arafa  (Islam)
5  Guy Fawkes Night, anniversary of the failed Gunpowder Plot {aka Bonfire Night}  (UK & some Commonwealth nations)
6-9  Eid Al-Adha  (Islam)
6  Daylight Savings Time ends (USA)
8  Election Day  (USA)
9  World Freedom Day
10  United States Marine Corps Day  (USA)
10  Feast of Saint Leo the Great  (Roman Catholic & Anglican) [8th century-12th century & post 1969]
10  World Immunization Day
10  National Heroes Day in Indonesia
11  Veteran's Day  (USA)
11  Remembrance Day/Armistice Day/Poppy Day (UK + Commonwealth Nations such as Australia, Canada, Barbados, Bermuda, India, Mauritius, Northern Ireland, Malta, & South Africa; various European countries such as France, Belgium, & Poland; as well as Hong Kong, & Israel)
11  Poland's Independence Day
11  Feast of Saint Martin of Tours {Martinmass}  (Roman Catholic, some Eastern Orthodox, & Anglican)
13  Feast of Saint Francesca Xavier Cabrini {aka Mother Cabrini}  (Roman Catholic) [post 1969 calendar]
13  Sadie Hawkins Day
13  Remembrance Sunday  (UK & British Overseas Territories)
13  World Kindness Day
14  Children's Day in India
14  World Diabetes Day
15  King's Feast in Belgium {Fete du Roi}
16  Feast of Queen Saint Margaret of Scotland  (Roman Catholic & Anglican) [post 1969 calendar]
16  Feast of Saint Gertrude  (Roman Catholic)
16  International Day for Tolerance
17  Feast of Saint Elizabeth of Hungary [new, post 1969 calendar] (Roman Catholic, Anglican, Lutheran)
17  Great American Smoke-out  (American Cancer Society, USA)
17  International Students Day
17   International Philosophy Day
18  Feast of the Dedication of the Basilicas of Saints Peter & Paul  (Roman Catholic)
18  Feast of Saint Rose Philippine Duchesne  (Roman Catholic)
18  Independence Day in Latvia
19  Feast of Saint Elizabeth of Hungary [trad., 1670-1969] (Roman Catholic, Anglican, Lutheran)
19  International Men's Day
19  World Toilet Day
20  [Feast of] Christ the King Day  (Roman Catholic, Anglican, Lutheran, & some mainline Protestants)
20  Dia de la Revolucion/Revolution Day in Mexico
20  Transgender Day of Remembrance  (USA)
20  Day of National Sovereignty in Argentina
21  Feast of the Presentation of the Blessed Virgin Mary {aka The Entry of the Most Holy Theotokos into the Temple}  (Roman Catholic; Eastern Orthodox using Julian Calendar,)
21  World Hello Day
21  World Television Day
21  National Adoption Day  (USA)
22  Independence Day in Lebanon
24  Thanksgiving Day  (USA)
24  Feast of Saint Catherine of Alexandria  (Eastern Orthodox churches of Russian origin & Russian Orthodox Church)
25  Black Friday Shopping Day  (USA)
25  Feast of Saint Catherine of Alexandria {aka Saint Catherine of the Wheel or The Great Martyr Saint Catherine}  (Roman Catholic optional memorial post 2002)
25  World Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women
25  Independence Day in Suriname
26/27  Islamic New Year
27  First Sunday of Advent  (Christianity)
28  Cyber Monday (Xmas Shopping Season) (USA)
28  Independence Day in Albania
30  Saint Andrew's Day {aka Feast of Saint Andrew}  (Christianity; in Scotland it's a Bank Holiday; Barbados)
30  Computer Security Day

Month-long celebrations/observances:  Native American Heritage Month
; Pancreatic Cancer Awareness Month; COPD Awareness Month; National Novel Writing Month; Alzheimer's Disease Awareness Month; American Diabetes Month; Lung Cancer Awareness Month; National Youth Homeless Awareness Month; Crohn's & Ulcerative Colitis Awareness Month; National Pomegranate Month (USA); International Drum Month; Month Dedicated to the Holy Souls in Purgatory (Roman Catholic); "Movember", moustache + November, to raise awareness for men's health issues - mainly testicular & prostate cancer (USA, New Zealand & Australia).

Where I live, in November the weather gets even cooler....  Lovely days are characterized by cool, crisp mornings that give way to afternoons filled with sunshine that highlight the few colorful Fall leaves still left on the trees, and later give way to frosty cold nights...  Whether a sunny or gloomy day, the days & evenings are perfect for time spent wrapped in warm outerwear while enjoying a bonfire, football game, hiking, walking, horseback riding, soccer, leaf-raking & jumping, pressing apples for cider, & huntingIn the evenings we come inside to enjoy nights by the fireplace, burning candles, baking pies, drinking hot cider, partaking of cool-weather comfort foods, enjoying new episodes of our favorite television shows, and watching the start of hockey & basketball season.

In November we are winding down the Fall season, and start winterizing our homes & try to complete all those projects we can't do once the snow comes for good.  Some of us start preparing for Christmas, with many more each year starting even earlier each year.  Personally I try to enjoy November to it's fullest without letting Xmas creep in... I love Christmas, but there is a time for everything... and I love Thanksgiving as it's own holiday!....  so at my house there is no  Xmas decorating, trees, lights, movies, or music until Thanksgiving is over. The only 2 things I don't mind are some shopping, if absolutely necessary, and some card shopping/buying/organizing/preparation which includes the optional photo[s] for said cards.

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