Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Welcome September!

September, Harvest Month

Seasons:  Summer & Autumn

Zodiac Signs:  Virgo, Libra

Flowers of the Month:  Aster, Morning Glory, Forget-Me-Not

Birthstone:  Blue Sapphire

Moons:  Harvest Moon, Blood Moon, Fruit Moon

September is Classical Music Month & Hispanic Heritage Month (Sep.15- Oct.15)
The Chinese August Moon Festival aka Mid-Autumn Festival takes place in September

Holidays, Events, Celebrations, Remembrances, etc:

1   Orthodox Ecclesiastical/Liturgical New Year [Eastern Orthodox Christianity & Eastern Catholicism]
1   Beginning of the meteorological Autumn in the Northern Hemisphere
1   Independence Day in Uzbekistan
1   Constitution Day in Slovakia
1   Teachers' Day in Singapore
2   Official "V-J" Day (WWII, Victory in Japan)
3   Feast of Pope Saint Gregory I "the Great" [Catholic]
3   Flag Day in Australia
3   Independence Day in Qatar
4   Father's Day in Australia + New Zealand
4   Feast of Saint Rosalia & Saint Rose of Viterbo
5   Labor Day [USA & Canada]
5   Feast of Blessed Mother Teresa of Calcutta [Catholic]
5   Veterans' Day in Denmark
5   Teacher's Day in India
6   Independence Day in Swaziland
6   Unification Day in Bulgaria
7   Independence Day in Brazil
8   Feast of the Nativity of the Blessed Virgin Mary [Catholic]
8   Feast of Our Lady of Charity [Catholic, Cuba]
8   Independence Day in Macedonia
8   International Literacy Day
8   National Day in Andorra
9   California Admission Day/Statehood Day (California, USA)
9   Chrysanthemum Day in Japan
9   Independence Day in Tajikistan
10   Last night of 'the Proms' (Classical musical performances in the UK, broadcast on tv & radio worldwide)
10   National Day in Gibraltar
10   Teacher's Day in China + Hong Kong
11   Patriot Day [USA] (Commemoration & Remembrance of the 9/11 Attacks in 2001)
11   National Grandparents Day [USA + Canada]
11   Teacher's Day in Argentina
12   Feast of the Most Holy Name of the Blessed Virgin Mary [Catholic]
12   National Day in Cape Verde
13   Feast of Saint John Chrysostom [Catholic]
13   Uncle Sam Day [USA]
14   Holy Cross Day, Feast of the Triumph/Elevation/Exhaltation of the Holy Cross [Catholic, Anglican, Lutheran, Eastern Orthodox]
15   Battle of Britain Day [UK]
15   Feast of Our Lady of Sorrows [Catholic]
15   German American Heritage Month begins 
15   Hispanic Heritage Month begins (til Oct 15) [USA]
15   Independence Day in Guatemala, El Salvador, Honduras, Nicaragua, + Costa Rica
15   International Day of Democracy
16   Independence Day in Papua New Guinea
16   Mayflower Day
16   Mexican Independence Day
16   Constitution Day, observed [USA]
16   Citizenship Day, observed [USA]
16   National POW/MIA Recognition Day, observed [USA]
16   Malaysia Day in Malaysia + Singapore
17   actual National POW/MIA Recognition Day [USA]
17   actual Constitution Day [USA]
17   actual Citizenship Day [USA]
17   Operation Market Garden Remembrance in the Netherlands [WWII]
17   Oktoberfest begins in Germany
18   National Day/Independence Day in Chile
19   Armed Forces Day in Chile
19   Feast of Saint Januarius aka 'San Gennaro' [Catholic]
19   Respect for the Aged Day in Japan
19   Independence Day in Saint Kitts + Nevis
19   Talk Like a Pirate Day
20   Feast of Saint Andrew Kim Taegon + Korean Martyrs [Catholic]
20   Prinsjesdag in the Netherlands (Opening of Parliament)
21   International Day of Peace
21   Feast of Saint Matthew "the Apostle/Evangelist" [Catholic]
21   Founder's Day in Ghana
21   Independence Day in Armenia
21   Independence Day in Malta
21   Independence Day in Belize
22   World Maritime Day
22   Independence Day in Bulgaria
22   Independence Day in Mali23   zodiac sign Libra begins
23   Feast of Saint Padre Pio [Catholic]
23   First Day of Autumn (Autumnal Equinox) [Northern Hemisphere]
23   Mabon {neopagan} [Northern Hemisphere]
23   National Day in Saudi Arabia
24   Feast of Our Lady of Walsingham [Anglican/Episcopalian]
24   Constitution Day in Cambodia
24   Independence Day in Guinea-Bissau
24   Republic Day in Trinidad + Tobago
24   Native American Day [USA]
24   Heritage Day in South Africa
25   Revolution Day/Armed Forces Day in Mozambique
26   Feast of Saints Cosmas + Damian [Catholic]
26   Johnny Appleseed Day [USA]
26   National Flag Day in Ecuador
26   Dominion Day in New Zealand
26   Revolution Day in Yemen
27   Feast of Saint Vincent de Paul [Catholic]
28   Rosh Hashanah begins at sundown [Jewish]
28   Feast of Saint Wenceslaus [Catholic]
29   Michaelmas/Feast of the Archangels: Saint Michael, Gabriel, + Raphael
29   Confucious Day
29   Rosh Hashanah [Jewish]
30   Rosh Hashanah ends [Jewish]
30   Feast of Saint Jerome [Catholic]
30   Independence Day in Botswana

September, where I live in the Northern Hemisphere, is the month for finishing all Summer activities (attending the state fair, one last cookout, etc!), and the transitioning into Autumn (my favorite season!).  We can expect Back-to-School (the start of the academic year) for our students & teachers, and the regular television season resuming for many of our favorite tv shows.  We also look forward to that crisp fall air settling in, continuing walking & hiking, viewing the gorgeous fall leaves, trips to the apple orchard + cider mill, fall festivals, trips to the pumpkin patch, hayrides, American football games (from the little youngsters all the way up to collegiate & professional), soccer matches, field hockey games, many of our state + federal level governments back in session [as well as in the rest of the world], and wearing sweaters again!!

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