Monday, August 27, 2012

Weekly Agenda: Mon. Aug. 27 - Sun. Sep. 2, 2012

Events carried-over from last week:

July 30-Early Aug. SpainAnnual Summer holiday for the Spanish Royal Family @ Marivent Palace, Mallorca

Aug.23-29 Denmark: Pr.Joachim is regent

Aug.24-29 UK: Torbay Week (boating), Devon, England



Aug.27  Germany: 1st Wedding Anniversary of Prince Georg Friedrich of Prussia & Princess Sophie of Prussia, Princess of Isenburg  {2011}

Aug.27  Netherlands: 7th Wedding Anniversary of Prince Pieter-Christiaan of Orange-Nassau & Princess Anita of Orange-Nassau  {2005}

Aug.27  UK: August Bank Holiday (except Scotland)

Aug.27 Sweden: K.Carl XVI Gustaf holds an audience with Ambassador Anders Liden, @ the Royal Palace

Aug.27 Sweden: K.Carl XVI Gustaf holds a farewell audience for North Korean Ambassador HE Mr. Ri Hui Chol, @ the Royal Palace

Aug.27 Sweden: Q.Silvia attends the start of training for Nurses Silvia {Silvia nurses training}, Silvia Home {Silviahemmet}

Aug.27 Sweden: Q.Silvia attends the Board Meeting of the Silviahemmet Foundation, in Stockholm

Aug.27 Sweden: CPss Victoria attends the Opening of Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week, Stockholm

Aug.27 Norway: K.Harald V holds audiences [separately] with: the Chief of Defense;Professor Ottar Sjaastad, appointed Officer of the Order of St. Olav; Psychologist Thore Langfeld, appointed Officer of the Order of St. Olav; Gunnar Rolland, Chairman of the Oslo Military Society; & representatives of the Norwegian Anchorite Club

Aug.27 Norway: CP Haakon & CPss Mette-Marit attends a board meeting of The Crown Prince + Crown Princess' Foundation

Aug.27 Denmark: Pr.Joachim participates in the Copenhagen Goodwill Ambassador Corps' seminar dinner @ Kronborg Castle, Elsinor



Aug.28 Bulgaria: 69th Accession Anniversary of Tsar Simeon II of Bulgaria  {1943}

Aug.28  Greece: 32nd Birthday of Princess Tatiana of Greece + Denmark  {1980}

Aug.28  Jordan: 44th Wedding Anniversary of Prince El Hassan bin Talal of Jordan & Princess Sarvath El Hassan of Jordan  {1968}

Aug.28-31 Belgium: Pss Astrid & Pr.Lorenz attend the Paralympic Games in London, UK (attends the opening ceremony on Aug.29; visit the Olympic Village & attend various events to encourage Belgian sports)

Aug.28-Sep.1 Spain: Infa Elena Dss of Lugo attends the 2012 Paralympics in London, UK

Aug.28 Sweden: K.Carl XVI Gustaf & Q.Silvia attend an informational meeting about the World Child + Youth Forum, @ the Royal Palace

Aug.28 Sweden: K.Carl XVI Gustaf, Q.Silvia, CPss Victoria & Pr.Daniel attend the distribution/presentation of the Polar Music Prize, @ the Stockholm Concert Hall

Aug.28 Norway: K.Harald V attends the official opening of the energy fair ONS 2012, Stavanger

Aug.28 Norway: K.Harald V attends the opening of 2 exhibitions @ Stavanger Art Museum: BMW ART CARS @ ONS 2012 & Edvard Munch: "Gaten bak lerretet" (The riddle behind the canvas)

Aug.28 Denmark: CP Frederik participates in the Architecture Biennale "Possible Greenland" 2012 in Venice, Italy, & officially opens the Danish pavilion

Aug.28 Denmark: CPss Mary participates in the introduction of the Mary Foundation project LaeseLeg in the Swan Daycare, Brondby Strand

Aug.28  Denmark: 13th Birthday of Prince Nikolai of Denmark, Count of Monpezat  {1999}



Aug.29-Sep.8 Italy: International Venice Film Festival, Palazzo del Cinema, Venice, Italy

Aug.29  Thailand: 33rd Birthday of Prince Juthavachara Mahidol of Thailand  {1979}

Aug.29-Sep.2 Netherlands: Pss Margriet & Prof.Pieter van Vollenhoven attend the Paralympics in London, UK

Aug.29-31 Belgium: Pss Astrid & Pr.Lorenz attend the Paralympic Games in London, UK

Aug.29 Belgium: Pss Astrid & Pr.Lorenz attend the opening ceremony of the Paralympic Games, London,UK

Aug.29-Sep.9 UK: 2012 Paralympics in London, UK

Aug.29 UK: Q.Elizabeth II opens the London 2012 Paralympic Games @ the Olympic Stadium (attended byPr.Edward Earl of Wessex, Sophie Ctss of Wessex, Pr.Richard Dk of Gloucester, Birgitte Dss of Gloucester, Pss Alexandra of Kent, Pss Astrid + Pr.Lorenz of Belgium)

Aug.29 Sweden: K.Carl XVI Gustaf visits archaeological sites/excavations, Gamla Uppsala {Old Uppsala}

Aug.29 Sweden: K.Carl XVI Gustaf holds an audience with Ingemar Eliasson, @ the Royal Palace

Aug.29 Sweden: K.Carl XVI Gustaf holds audience with Emma Jango, Eva Fernvall & Maria Graner from the Young Leadership Foundation, @ the Royal Palace of Stockholm

Aug.29 Sweden: Q.Silvia attends the "Respect for the Aged Day" {Pensioners' Day}, Ekebyhov Palace Park, Ekero

Aug.29 Sweden: CPss Victoria attends the seminar "Sustainable Seas Initiative", Kolskjulet, Skeppsholmen

Aug.29 Sweden: CPss Victoria attends the distribution/presentation of the Stockholm Junior Water Prize, Stockholm International Fairs {Stockholmsmassan}, Alvsjo

Aug.29  Norway: 44th Wedding Anniversary of King Harald V of Norway & Queen Sonja of Norway  {1968}

Aug.29 Norway: CP Haakon gives a lecture @ the UN Summer Academy in Torino, Italy

Aug.29 Denmark: Residence transfer to Marselisborg Castle/Palace

Aug.29 Denmark: Q.Margrethe II attends "Tristan and Isolde" @ the Royal Opera



Aug.30  Greece/Denmark: 66th Birthday of Queen Anne Marie of Greece (born a Princess of Denmark)  {1946}

Aug.30 Netherlands: Pr.Willem-Alexander Pr of Orange & Pss Maxima attend the presentation of Soldier of Orange - The Musical, @ the former naval airbase Valkenburg

Aug.30 Netherlands: Pr.Willem-Alexander Pr of Orange attends the National Reception Astronaut Andre Kuipers, @ the Queen Wilhelmina Boulevard in Noordwijk

Aug.30-Sep.2 UK: Burghley Horse Trials, Stamford, Lincolnshire, England

Aug.30-Sep.1 UK: Port of Dartmouth Royal Regatta (boating), South Devon, England

Aug.30 UK: Pr.Edward Earl of Wessex attends the Paralympic Games

Aug.30 Spain: K.Juan Carlos I visits the Traffic Management Centre (CGT) of the Directorate General of Traffic, in Madrid

Aug.30 Spain: Q.Sofia chairs the main event of the celebration/commemoration of the Silver Jubilee of the creation of the Balearic Man Project, in Palma de Mallorca

Aug.30 Sweden: K.Carl XVI Gustaf attends the Stockholm Water Prize Laureates Seminar, Stockholm

Aug.30 Sweden: K.Carl XVI Gustaf & Q.Silvia attend the presentation of the Stockholm Water Prize, Stockholm City Hall

Aug.30 Sweden: Q.Silvia visits Save the Children Sweden's head office/headquarters, Stockholm

Aug.30 Sweden: CPss Victoria attends the presentation of the Export Hermes Award, Stockholm Chamber of Commerce, Stockholm

Aug.30 Sweden: CPss Victoria attends the Swedish Brain Foundation's "Our Children" evening, Stockholm

Aug.30 Sweden: 97th Birthday of Princess Lilian of Sweden, Duchess of Halland {1915}

Aug.30 Norway: K.Harald V holds an audience with the Minister of Foreign Affairs

Aug.30 Norway: K.Harald V holds formal audiences [separately] with: the new Ambassador of Lithuania, HE Mr. Indulis Abelis; the new Ambassador of Ecuador, HE Mr. Mario Anibal Guerrero Murgueytio; & the new Ambassador of Spain, HE Mr. Antonio Lopez Martinez

Aug.30 Denmark: Pss Marie opens the Wadden Sea Festival 2012



Aug.31 Malaysia: National Day /Independence Day

Aug.31 Jordan: 42nd Birthday of Queen Rania of Jordan {1970}

Aug.31-Sep.2 Belgium: Belgian Formula One Grand Prix (motor race), Spa-Francorchamps, Belgium

Aug.31 Sweden: K.Carl XVI Gustaf visits Lake Malaren Fishermen's Association

Aug.31 Sweden: CPss Victoria & Pr.Daniel visit the Swedish Armed Forces' experience camps for young people with special needs, Karlskrona

Aug.31 Norway: K.Harald V holds audiences [separately] with: Maestro Andrew Litton, appointed Officer of the Order of St. Olav; Professor Gunvor Semb, appointed Commander of the Order of St. Olav; Researcher Torild Skard, appointed Officer of the Norwegian Order of Merit; & Honorary Consul Kim Nesselquist, appointed Officer of the Norwegian Order of Merit

Aug.31 Denmark: Q.Margrethe II participates in the opening of the exhibition "The Queen and Her Family" @ Trapholt , Kolding

Aug.31 Denmark: Q.Margrethe II attends the opening of the Aarhus Festival, @ the Aarhus Concert Hall

Aug.31-Sep.11 Denmark: Pr.Joachim visits development projects, as patron of CARE Denmark, in Tanzania & Kenya



Sep.1  Swaziland: 25th Birthday of Princess Sikhanyiso Dlamini of Swaziland  {1987}

Sep.1 Netherlands: Pr.Willem-Alexander Pr of Orange (with the Defense Minister, Mr. JSJ Hillen) visit Roermond to attend the 25th National Commemoration of the Dutch soldiers who died during 1945-1962 during the fighting in the former Dutch East Indies & New Guinea

Sep.1 UK: Braemar Gathering in Scotland

Sep.1 Sweden: Pr.Daniel attends Stockholm Golf Club's 100th anniversary, Kevinge

Sep.1 Norway: K.Harald Vattends the 100th anniversary of military aviation in Norway, @ the Oslo Town Hall

Sep.1-4 Norway: Pss Martha Louise attends the London Paralympics, in London, UK

Sep.1 Denmark: Q.Margrethe II opens Tab to Totalforsvarsregion Central + North Jutland @ Skive Barracks, in Skive

Sep.1-3 Denmark: Pss Benedikte Pss of S-W-B attends the Paralympic Games, in London, UK



Sep.2  Bulgaria: 49th Birthday of Crown Princess Miriam of Bulgaria, Princess of Turnovo  {1963}

Sep.2 Netherlands: Prof.Pieter van Vollenhoven opens the 26th Committee of Recommendation of the Heritage Foundation, in Chateau St. Gerlach, Valkenburg

Sep.2 Belgium: K.Albert II & Q.Paola host the Queen Paola Foundation's celebration of it's 20th anniversary @ a country walk to the Royal Domain of Laeken, welcoming many children, young adults + winners of the various programs implemented by the Foundation ("Queen Paola Prize for Education, "School of Hope", & "Land of Future Prize"), @ the Castle of Laeken in Brussels (with attendance from: Pr.Philippe Dk of Brabant, Pss Mathilde Dss of Brabant, Pss Astrid, Pr.Lorenz, Pr.Laurent & Pss Claire)

Sep.2 UK: Pr.Edward Earl of Wessex attends the Paralympic Games

Sep.2 Norway: K.Harald V, Q.Sonja, CP Haakon & CPss Mette-Marit attend the Confirmation of Marius Borg Hoiby, in Asker Church

Sep.2-6 Denmark:Q.Margrethe II & Pr.Consort Henrik's 2012 summer cruises in Denmark, on the Royal Yacht Dannebrog (visiting Skanderborg, London, + Grinnell, Naestved, Bornholm & Christianso)

Sep.2 Denmark: Q.Margrethe II & Pr.Consort Henrik's 2nd Summer Cruise on the Royal Yacht Dannebrog - visiting Skanderborg

Sep.2 Denmark: Q.Margrethe II participates in the commemoration service in Viborg Cathedral

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