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Welcome September!

September 2012

Season: Summer + Autumn (northern hemisphere)

Zodiac Signs: Virgo + Libra

Birthstone: Blue Sapphire

Flowers-of-the-Month: Forget Me Not, Aster, Morning Glory

September Holidays, Celebrations, Events, etc.:

9/1   Ecclesiastical New Year (Eastern Orthodox Christianity)
9/1   Independence Day in Uzbekistan (1991)
9/1   Constitution Day in Slovakia (1993)
9/2   Official V-J Day  (Victory in Japan, WWII, 1945)
9/2   Father's Day in Australia & New Zealand
9/2   National Day / Independence Day in Vietnam (1945)
9/3   Labor Day / Labour Day  (USA + Canada)
9/3   Feast of Pope Saint Gregory I "the Great"  (Roman Catholic post-1969; Anglican)
9/3   National Day / Independence Day in San Marino (Independence from the Roman Empire in 301)
9/4   Feast of Saints Rosalia + Rose of Viterbo  (Roman Catholic)
9/5   Feast of Blessed Mother Teresa of Calcutta  (Roman Catholic)
9/5   Teachers' Day in India
9/6   Independence Day in Swaziland (1968)
9/6   MTV Video Music Awards  (USA)
9/7   Independence Day in Brazil (1822)
9/8   Feast of the Nativity of the Blessed Virgin Mary  (Roman Catholic; some Oriental Orthodox; Anglican)
9/8   International Literacy Day
9/8   Independence Day in Macedonia  (1991)
9/8   National Day in Andorra (Our Lady of Meritxell Day)
9/8   Victory Day in Malta (1565)
9/9   National Grandparents' Day  (USA + Canada)
9/9   California Admission Day (California, USA)
9/9   Independence Day in Tajikistan (1991)
9/9   National Day in North Korea (1948)
9/10   National Day in Gibraltar (1967)
9/11   Patriot Day  (USA)
9/11   World First Aid Day
9/12   Feast of the Most Holy Name of Mary  (Roman Catholic)
9/13   Feast of Saint John Chrysostom (Roman Catholic, Anglican, Lutheran)
9/13   Uncle Sam Day  (USA)
9/14   Feast of the Exaltation of the Holy Cross / Holy Cross Day  (Roman Catholic, Eastern Orthodox, Anglican, Lutheran, Episcopal, Armenian Apostolic)
9/15   Feast of Our Lady of Sorrows  (Roman Catholic post-1913)
9/15   International Day for Democracy
9/15   Independence Day in Costa Rica (1821)
9/15   Independence Day in El Salvador (1821)
9/15   Independence Day in Honduras (1821)
9/15   Independence Day in Nicaragua (1821)
9/15   Independence Day in Guatemala (1869)
9/16   Rosh Hashanah begins @ sundown  (Judaism)
9/16   Mayflower Day  (USA)
9/16   Mexican Independence Day  (Mexico, 1810)
9/16   National Heroes' Day in Saint Kitts + Nevis
9/16   Malaysia Day  (Malaysia)
9/16   Independence Day in Papua New Guinea (1975)
9/17   Rosh Hashanah  (Judaism)
9/17   Respect for the Aged Day  (Japan)
9/17   Constitution Day  (USA)
9/17   Citizenship Day  (USA)
9/18   Prinsjesdag  (Netherlands)
9/18   Rosh Hashanah ends @ nightfall  (Judaism)
9/18-9/19   Fiestas Patrias in Chile
9/19   Feast of Saint Januarius "San Gennaro" (Roman Catholic; Italian-Americans/Little Italy, Manhattan, NYC, NY, USA & other American cities such as: Fordham/Belmont, the Bronx, NYC, NY; Los Angeles, CA; Las Vegas, NV; & Belmar, NJ )
9/19   Independence Day in Saint Kitts + Nevis
9/20   Feast of Saint Andrew Kim Taegon + 103 Korean Martyrs  (Roman Catholic)
9/21   National POW/MIA Recognition Day  (USA)
9/21   United Nations International Day of Peace
9/21   Feast of Saint Matthew the Apostle   (Western Christianity: Roman Catholic, Lutheran, Anglican)
9/21   Independence Day in Armenia (1991)
9/21   Independence Day in Belize (1981)
9/21   Independence Day in Malta (1964)
9/22   Autumn Equinox - First Day of Fall  (northern hemisphere)
9/22   Mabon  (northern hemisphere)
9/22   World Maritime Day
9/22   World Car Free Day
9/22   Independence Day in Mali (1960)
9/23   Primetime Emmy Awards Ceremony  (USA)
9/23   Feast of Saint Padre Pio {Saint Pio/Pius of Pietrelcina}  (Roman Catholic)
9/23   the Rugby League Grand Final in Australia
9/23   National Day in Saudi Arabia (1932)
9/24   Heritage Day in South Africa
9/24   Independence Day in Guinea-Bissau (1973)
9/25   Yom Kippur begins @ sundown  (Judaism)
9/25   Revolution Day in Mozambique
9/26   Yom Kippur ends @ nightfall  (Judaism)
9/26   Johnny Appleseed Day  (USA)
9/26   European Day of Languages
9/27   World Tourism Day
9/27   French Community Holiday/Feast  (French Community of Belgium)
9/28   Native American Day  (USA)
9/28   Feast of Saint Wenceslaus I  (Roman Catholic)
9/28   World Rabies Day
9/28   Right to Know Day
9/29   Feast of Saints Michael, Gabriel + Raphael the Archangels / Michaelmas  (Western Christianity: Roman Catholic, Lutheran, Episcopal, Anglican; England, Wales, Ireland, etc.)
9/29   the AFL Grand Final in Australia (Australian Rules Football)
9/30   Independence Day in Botswana (1966)
9/30   Feast of Saint Jerome  (Western Christianity: Roman Catholic, Anglican, Lutheran)
9/30   Daylight Savings Time begins in New Zealand
9/30   Mid-Autumn Festival / Moon Festival / Mooncake Festival / Zhongqui Festival (China, Taiwan, Vietnam)

September is...  the start of the academic year in many countries; marks the return to work from holidays + vacations; begins the Autumnal season in the northern hemisphere; includes the end or the beginning for many State Fairs across the USA; is the beginning of Oktoberfest in Germany + abroad; marks official beginning of many "fall" sports such as American Football, Soccer, etc.; National Preparedness Month (USA); Hispanic Heritage Month (USA Sep.15-Oct.15); German American Heritage Month (USA Sep.15-Oct.15); Prostate Cancer Awareness Month


September 1 - 25th Birthday of Princess Sikhanyiso Dlamini of Swaziland  {1987} (daughter of King Mswati III of Swaziland)

September 5 - 25th Birthday of Pierre Casiraghi  {1987} [son of Princess Caroline of Hanover, Hereditary Princess of Monaco (sister of Prince Albert II of Monaco)]

September 11 - 75th Birthday of Queen Paola of the Belgians (Belgium)  {1937} [wife of King Albert II of the Belgians]

September 14 - 30th Anniversary of the Death of Princess Grace of Monaco  {1982} (mother of Prince Albert II of Monaco)

September 15 - 40th Birthday of Letizia, Princess of Asturias  {1972} [wife of Infate Felipe of Spain, Prince of Asturias (son of King Juan Carlos I of Spain)]

September 18 - 140th Anniversary of the Death of King Carl XV of Sweden  {1872}

September 21 - 5th Birthday of Prince Noah of Nassau  {2007} [son of Prince Louis of Luxembourg (son of Grand Duke Henri of Luxembourg & grandson of Grand Duke Jean of Luxembourg)]

September 21 - 55th Anniversary of the Death of King Haakon VII of Norway  {1957}

September 22 - 5th Birthday of The Hon. Albert Windsor  {2007} [son of Lord Nicholas Windsor (son of Prince Edward, Duke of Kent {1st cousin of Queen Elizabeth II of the United Kingdom of Great Britain + Northern Ireland})]

September 28 - 600th Anniversary of the Death of Queen Margrethe I of Denmark  {1412}

September 30 - 40th Birthday of Ari Behn  {1972} [husband of Princess Martha Louis of Norway (daughter of King Harald V of Norway)]

On the Royal Agenda for September 2012 {here are a selection of events that royal family members are confirmed or rumored to attend, along with a sprinkling of events that they may just turn up at!}

Aug.29-Sep.8 Italy: International Venice Film Festival, Palazzo del Cinema, Venice, Italy

Aug.29-Sep.9 UK: 2012 Paralympics in London, UK (with attendance from various members of the British Royal Family & other Royal Families)

Aug.31-Sep.11 Denmark: Pr.Joachim visits development projects, as patron of CARE Denmark, in Tanzania & Kenya

Sep.1-4 Norway: Pss Martha Louise attends the London Paralympics, in London, UK

Sep.1-3 Denmark: Pss Benedikte Pss of S-W-B attends the Paralympic Games, in London, UK

Sep.2-6 Denmark:Q.Margrethe II & Pr.Consort Henrik's 2012 summer cruises in Denmark, on the Royal Yacht Dannebrog (visiting Skanderborg, London, + Grinnell, Naestved, Bornholm & Christianso)

Sep.3-4 Sweden: Pr.Daniel attends the 2012 Paralympics, in London, UK

Sep.4 Denmark: CP Frederik attends the Paralympic Games in London, UK

Sep.7-8 Sweden: K.Carl XVI Gustaf & Q.Silvia attend the Baden-Powell Fellowship Event, in Turku, Finland

Sep.8 Austria/Luxembourg: Wedding of Archdk Imre of Austria & Kathleen Walker @ Mary the Mother of God Roman Catholic Church in Washington DC, USA {expecting attendance from the Royal Families of Austria, Luxembourg, Liechtenstein & possibly Belgium, etc.}

Sep.9-10 Denmark: CPss Mary attends the WHO (World Health Organization) Regional Committee Meeting in Malta

Sep.10-12 Sweden: State Visit of Turkey (President Abdullah Gul & his wife Mrs. Hayrunnisa Gul) to Stockholm, Sweden (K.Carl XVI Gustaf & Q.Silvia)

Sep.10-12 Sweden: Pr.Carl Philip attends the World Conservation Congress, in South Korea

Sep.11-19 UK: Pr.William of Wales Dk of Cambridge & Catherine Dss of Cambridge visit Singapore, Malaysia, the Solomon Islands & Tuvalu as part of the Diamond Jubilee of HM The Queen

Sep.11-13 UK: Pr.William of Wales Dk of Cambridge & Catherine Dss of Cambridge visit Singapore

Sep.11-18 UK: Pr.Edward Earl of Wessex & Sophie Ctss of Wessex visit Canada

Sep.13-15 UK: Pr.William of Wales Dk of Cambridge & Catherine Dss of Cambridge visit Malaysia

Sep.16-18 UK: Pr.William of Wales Dk of Cambridge & Catherine Dss of Cambridge visit the Solomon Islands

Sep.16-21 Denmark: CP Frederik & CPss Mary make an Official Visit to Brazil (Sao Paulo, Rio de Janeiro & Belo Horizonte)

Sep.18 Netherlands: Prinsjesdag, the Queen's budget speech w/attendance from members of the Dutch royal house

Sep.18-19 UK: Pr.William of Wales Dk of Cambridge & Catherine Dss of Cambridge visit Tuvalu

Sep.18  Sweden: Opening of Parliament - various events attended by: K.Carl XVI Gustaf, Q.Silvia, CPss Victoria, Pr.Daniel, Pr.Carl Philip & Pss Madeleine

Sep.19-21 Sweden: Q.Silvia visits Washington DC, USA

Sep.22 Brunei: Independence Day

Sep.23 Saudi Arabia: National Day / Kingdom Unification Day

Sep.24-28 UK: Pss Anne Pss Royal visits Zambia in support of HM's Diamond Jubilee & as President of the Royal Agricultural Society of the Commonwealth to attend the opening Dinner of the biannual Conference

Sep.27 Monaco: Pr.Albert II attends the 2012 Blue Ocean Film Festival in Monterey, CA, USA [gives a keynote address & participates in a discussion]

Sep.27 UK: Pr.Richard Dk of Gloucester, as Royal Colonel of the 6th Battalion The Rifles, visits training in Paderborn, Germany

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