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Royal Agenda: Mon. Mar. 11 - Sun. Mar. 17, 2013

Events carried-over from last week:

Mar.10-16 Denmark: CP Frederik & CPss Mary make an Official Visit to Chile


Mar.11-? Monaco: Pr.Albert II & Pss Charlene are on an Official Visit to Palau (a small island country in Oceania located in Micronesia) [meet the President of Palau, Mr. Thomas Efang Remangesau]

Mar.11 Belgium: K.Albert II & Q.Paola hold an audience with Elio Di Rupo, Prime Minister, @ the Chateau de Laeken, Brussels

Mar.11 Belgium: Pr.Laurent & Pss Claire attend The Child of the Stars association's musical project "Colombina" @ Chateau du Lac in Genval, Walloon Brabant

Mar.11 UK: Pr.Philip Dk of Edinburgh attends the Commonwealth Observance @ Westminster Abbey, London

Mar.11 UK: Q.Elizabeth II & Pr.Philip Dk of Edinburgh attend the Commonwealth Reception given by the Commonwealth Secretary-General @ Marlborough House, London

Mar.11-19 UK: Pr.Charles Pr of Wales & Camilla Dss of Cornwall make an Official Visit to Jordan, Qatar, Oman & Saudi Arabia

Mar.11 UK: Pss Anne Pss Royal, as Patron of The Butler Trust, holds the Annual Awards Ceremony @ Buckingham Palace

Mar.11 UK: Pss Anne Pss Royal, as Patron of Catch 22, attends an Awards Ceremony @ the Marriott Hotel, Grosvenor Square, London

Mar.11 UK: Pss Anne Pss Royal, as President of Animal Health Trust, attends a Dinner @ The Langham Hotel, London

Mar.11 UK: Birgitte Dss of Gloucester attends a Performance of the "Eugene Onegin" @ the Royal Academy of Music, London

Mar.11 UK: Birgitte Dss of Gloucester, as President of the Royal Academy of Music, attends the Governing Body Meeting @ the Royal Academy of Music, London

Mar.11 Spain: Infe Felipe Pr of Asturias attends the military drill exercise/maneuvers of the "Gamma Palazuelos 2013" of the Emergency Military Unit @ the Artillery Academy Batteries - polygon, Segovia

Mar.11 Spain: Letizia Pss of Asturias presides over the awards ceremony of the Discapnet ONCE Foundation Awards for ICT Accessibility + Commitment to Persons with Disabilities 2012, @ the Sports + Cultural Center of ONCE, Madrid

Mar.11-13 Sweden: The President of Turkey (Abdullah Gul) & his wife Hayrunnisa Gul make a State Visit to Sweden (with participation from K.Carl XVI Gustaf & Q.Silvia)

Mar.11 Sweden: K.Carl XVI Gustaf & Q.Silvia welcome The President of Turkey (Abdullah Gul) & his wife (Hayrunnisa Gul) to Sweden at the Royal Mews, followed by a carriage ride to the Royal Palace of Stockholm, an inspection of the guard of honor, greetings from representatives of parliament + the government in the Hall, a gift exchange in the Pillar Hall on the Bernadotte floor with participation from CPss Victoria, Pr.Daniel, Pr.Carl Philip & Pss Madeleine & a luncheon hosted by the King + Queen at the Royal Palace of Stockholm

Mar.11 Sweden: K.Carl XVI Gustaf & the President of Turkey (Abdullah Gul) attend a business seminar hosted by Ulf Berg, CEO of Business Sweden, @ the Grand Hotel

Mar.11 Sweden: Q.Silvia & the First Lady of Turkey (Mrs. Hayrunnisa Gul) visit Silviahemmet & Rinkeby Academy

Mar.11 Norway: K.Harald V holds an audience with the Chief of Staff of the Norwegian Home Guard, with attendance from CP Haakon

Mar.11 Norway: K.Harald V holds 3 audiences [separately] with: General Ari Puheloinen, appointed Commander of the Norwegian Order of Merit; General Raimonds Graube, appointed Grand Officer of the Royal Norwegian Order of Merit; & representatives of the Norwegian Forestry Society

Mar.11 Norway: CP Haakon gives a speech at the Forensis-days @ the University of Oslo

Mar.11 Denmark: CP Frederik & CPss Mary visit Chile [place a wreath at the Wreath Laying @ the monument "Libertador General Bernardo O'Higgins; visit the Santiago mayor Carolina Toha @ Escuela Vicuna Mackenna & are presented with the city's key; are received in an audience with Chile's President, HE Sebastian Pinera & Mrs. Cecilia Morel @ the Presidential Palace La Moneda;attend an official lunch with the business delegation hosted by the Chilean Foreign Minsiter Alfredo Moreno @ the Salon del Cafe; & inspect Grundfos Industrial Park in Colina & participate in the inauguration of Grundfos Chile's new machine for quality control of centrifugal pumps]



Mar.12 Iran: 50th Birthday of Princess Farahnaz Pahlavi of Iran {1963}

Mar.12  Serbia: 50th Birthday of Prince Sergius "Serge" of Yugoslavia   {1963} [TWIN]

Mar.12  Serbia: 50th Birthday of Princess Helene of Yugoslavia   {1963} [TWIN]

Mar.12  Brunei: 33rd Birthday of Princess Hajah Hafizah Suurul Bolkiah of Brunei   {1980}

Mar.12 Vatican City: the conclave to elect a new Pope begins, with 115 cardinal-electors participating

Mar.12 Netherlands: Q.Beatrix attends the 50th anniversary celebration of the European School Bergen, in Bergen

Mar.12 Belgium: K.Albert II & Q.Paola visit the Don Bosco Institute & the "TSO/BSO/DBSO SPWoluwe-school Don Bosco" (in regards to technical + vocational education) in Woluwe-Saint-Pierre, Brussels

Mar.12 Belgium: Pss Mathilde Dss of Brabant presents the 2010-2013 Triennial Prize of the Prof.Lucien Dautrebande Pathophysiology Foundation to Charles Rice of Rockefeller University in New York (for his description of the molecular + cellular mechanisms of human infection with hepatitis C which has led to the development of antiviral drugs) @ the Palais des Academies in Brussels

Mar.12 Belgium: Pr.Lorenz visits the exhibition "Van Herk verzameling - Terracotta's uit de 17de 18de into eeuw" (Collection Van Herk - Terracotta in the 17th + 18th century), which belongs to the King Baudouin Foundation loaned out from the Museum of Fine Arts of Antwerp, @ the "Bonefantenmuseum" in Maastricht, the Netherlands

Mar.12 Luxembourg: GD Henri holds an audience with Solvita Aboltina, Chairperson/President of the Saeima of the Republic of Latvia, @ the Grand Ducal

Mar.12  Luxembourg: 7th Birthday of Prince Gabriel of Nassau   {2006}

Mar.12-15 UK: The Cheltenham Festival (horse race), Cheltenham Racecourse, Cheltenham, Gloucestershire

Mar.12 UK: Pr.Philip Dk of Edinburgh, as Patron of Action Medical Research, holds a Reception @ Buckingham Palace

Mar.12 UK: Pr.Philip Dk of Edinburgh, as Patron of Wildscreen, holds a Lunch @ Buckingham Palace

Mar.12 UK: Pr.Edward Earl of Wessex & Sophie Ctss of Wessex carry out engagements in the Czech Republic

Mar.12 UK: Pss Anne Pss Royal visits the Trinity House Harwich Depot, Harwich, Essex

Mar.12 UK: Pr.Richard Dk of Gloucester visits Worcestershire [opens the Peirson Study + Guidance Centre @ St. John's Campus, the University of Worcester, Worcester; & unveils the Walenty Pytel Sculpture (the Buzzards Statue) to celebrate HM's Diamond Jubilee, in Rosebank Gardens, Malvern]

Mar.12 UK: Birgitte Dss of Gloucester, as Patron of Music in Hospitals, attends a 60th Anniversary Reception @ Vintners' Hall, City of London

Mar.12  UK: 6th Birthday of Xan Windsor, Lord Culloden   {2007}

Mar.12 UK: Pr.Edward Dk of Kent visits Barnsley [visits ASOS, Grimethorpe; & visits the Royal Society for Protection of Birds Old Moor site]

Mar.12 UK: Pr.Edward Dk of Kent visits Rotherham [visits Kostal Limited, Goldthorpe Industrial Estate, Goldthorpe; & visits Rotherham United Community Stadium]

Mar.12 Spain: Q.Sofia holds an audience with a representation of Laboratorios Normon, on the occasion of its 75th anniversary, @ the Palace of la Zarzuela, Madrid

CANCELED - Mar.12 Sweden: Name Day of Crown Princess Victoria of Sweden, Duchess of Vastergotland, celebrated in the Outer Courtyard of the Royal Palace of Stockholm

Mar.12 Sweden: Pr.Carl Philip holds an audience with representatives from Operation Smile, @ the Royal Palace of Stockholm

Mar.12 Denmark: CP Frederik visits Chile [visits with representatives of Danish companies in the health care hospital Clinica Alemana (nominated for Latin America's 2nd best hospital), tours the children's hospital & attends an introduction of the Danish competencies within the health sector by the President of the Confederation of Danish Industries]

Mar.12 Denmark: CP Frederik & CPss Mary visit Chile [visit poet Pablo Neruda's home @ Isla Negra, Santiago to present a Danish-Chilean poetry project & visit the poet's grave; inspect the Maersk Container Industry in San Antonio, where a refrigerated container factory is under construction; participate in the opening of the Asger Jorn exhibition @ the Museo de Bella Artes, Chile's National Museum; & participate in a cultural dinner hosted by the Danish Embassy in Chile @ the Museo de Bella Artes]

Mar.12 Denmark: CPss Mary visits Chile [visits with a Spanish school class @ the "Danish" children's library in Valparaiso (created 10 years ago by the Danish school teacher Anne Hansen), attends the launch of 3 new Danish children's books in Spanish, attends a book reading by Anne Hansen, answers questions from school children, distributes copies of the book to school children & presents user guide tours of the library for a child container project]



Mar.13 Russia: 32nd Birthday of Grand Duke George/Georgii Mikhailovich of Russia, Prince of Prussia {1981}

Mar.13 Netherlands: Pr.Constantijn attends the presentation ceremony of the Geuzenpenning award (this year awarded to Radhia Nasraoui, a Tunisian human rights activist committed to the fight against torture)

Mar.13 UK: Q.Elizabeth II & Pr.Andrew Dk of York visit Tech City, east London [visit Mother London Limited, Biscuit Building; & visit Yammer]

Mar.13 UK: Pr.Philip Dk of Edinburgh, as Honorary Fellow of The Chartered Insitute of Water + Environmental Management, holds the Inaugural David Bellamy Lecture @ Buckingham Palace

Mar.13 UK: Pr.Philip Dk of Edinburgh, as Patron of The Duke of Edinburgh's Award, presents Gold Awards @ St. James's Palace

Mar.13 UK: Pr.Richard Dk of Gloucester attends The Duke of Gloucester's Young Achievers Awards Evening @ the Royal Institute of British Architects, London

Mar.13 UK: Pr.Richard Dk of Gloucester & Birgitte Dss of Gloucester attend a Service to mark the 650th Anniversary of the Vintners' Company @ St. Paul's Cathedral, London

Mar.13 Spain: Infe Felipe Pr of Asturias holds audiences [separately] @ the Palace of la Zarzuela, Madrid, with: the Organizing Committee of the V Congress of Audit in the Public Sector; the Steering Board/Council of the Designation of Protected Origin "Alicante", on the occasion of their 80th anniversary; the new staff added in 2012 to the "Scale of Autonomous Graduates" as patent examiners in the "Spanish Patent + Trademark Office" & a representation of the association ATISOA; & the V Forum Organizing Committee for Environmentally Sustainable Tourism "Futuralia 2012"

Mar.13 Denmark: Pr.Consort Henrik participates in the Danish-Chinese Business Forum's Annual Meeting @ KPMG, Frederiksberg

Mar.13 Denmark: CP Frederik visits Chile [opens the Business Seminar @ the Hotel Grand Hyatt (attended by Danish + Chilean companies with the food + agro-industry, cleantech, health, aquaculture + fisheries, mining & maritime industries/sectors)]

Mar.13 Denmark: CP Frederik & CPss Mary visit Chile [attend lunch with the business delegation @ the Hotel Grand Hyatt & CP Frederik presents HRH Prince Henrik's Medal of Honour to 2 Danish companies; visit the Chilean culture board DIBAM (Direccion de Bibliotecas Archivos y Museos) to witness the signing of a Danish-Chilean agreement on the exchange of museum curators; attend an architecture symposium @ DIBAM for Danish + Chilean architects to discuss cities in transformation; & attend an official dinner @ the Club de la Union]

Mar.13 Denmark: CPss Mary visits Chile [attends the opening of the Danish-Chilean conference on human rights education "Human Rights Education = Human Rights in Education?" @ the Museo de la Memoria & visits the museum's permanent exhibition on human rights abuses during the country's military dictatorship 1973-1990]



Mar.14 Monaco: 55th Birthday of Prince Albert II of Monaco {1958}

Mar.14 Netherlands: Pr.Willem-Alexander Pr of Orange gives a speech at the World Meteorological Organisation's High Level Meeting on National Drought Policies (HMNDP) in Geneva, Switzerland

Mar.14 Netherlands: Pss Laurentien opens the 2013 Day of Literature (a 1-day literature festival for young people including 4500 young people together from upper secondary education to learn about Dutch literature) @ De Doelen in Rotterdam

Mar.14 Belgium: Q.Paola presides over the meeting of the Committee of Sponsoring "Missing Children Europe", the European Federation for Missing + Sexually Exploited Children [focusing on the key priorities of the organization for 2013-2015, the coordination of the European Financial Coalition against Commercial Sexual Exploitation of Children on the Internet & the network 116,000 (the European telephone # for missing children)] & meets members of the Board of Directors of "Missing Children Europe" @ the Royal Palace in Brussels

Mar.14 Luxembourg: GDss Maria Teresa attends an academic meeting organized on the occasion of the 50th anniversary of the Ligue HMC (Luxembourg League for Save the Children, Adolescents + Adults Cerebrally or Mentally Disabled) @ the Cultural Centre "Kinneksbond", Mamer

Mar.14 UK: Q.Elizabeth II & Pr.Philip Dk of Edinburgh attend a Service @ the Guards' Chapel to commemorate the 175th Anniversary of the Soldiers + Airmen's Scripture Readers Association

(??) Mar.14-16 UK: Pr.Edward Earl of Wessex & Sophie Ctss of Wessex visit (carry out engagements in) Bulgaria (??)

Mar.14 UK: Pr.Richard Dk of Gloucester visits Bristol [attends the opening of the 'Pharaoh: King of Egypt' Exhibition @ Bristol City Museum + Art Gallery; & visits Crisis Centre Ministries, Easton]

Mar.14 UK: Pr.Edward Dk of Kent, as Grand Master of the United Grand Lodge of England, attends the Board of Grand Stewards Dinner in London

Mar.14 UK: Pr.Edward Dk of Kent visits The Big Bang Science + Engineering Fair @ the ExCel Centre, Royal Victoria Dock, London

Mar.14 Spain: Q.Sofia chairs the Gala Presentation of the National Classical Dance Company, a subdivision of the National Dance Company (CND) @ the Teatro Real de Madrid

Mar.14 Spain: Infe Felipe Pr of Asturias & Letizia Pss of Asturias attend the concert "Classical for today's youth", organized by the Prince of Girona Foundation, @ the Gran Teatro del Liceo, Barcelona

Mar.14 Spain: Infa Elena Dss of Lugo presents the V Awards of the Youth Social Entrepreneur of the European University of Madrid, in Madrid

Mar.14 Sweden: K.Carl XVI Gustaf holds formal audiences with Ambassadors of Italy, Pakistan, St. Kitts + Nevis, & Luxembourg @ the Royal Palace of Stockholm

Mar.14 Denmark: CP Frederik & CPss Mary visit Chile [visit FLSmidth & officially open its new 'Super Centre' for spare parts + customer service in the Atacama District in northern Chile; & visit the European Southern Observatory (ESO) in Paranal, Chile's desert area (south of Antafogasta)]



Mar.15  Serbia: 55th Birthday of Prince Nikolas of Yugoslavia   {1958}

Mar.15-16 Netherlands: NL Doet Day (with participation from members of the Dutch Royal Family)

Mar.15 Netherlands: Q.Beatrix attends a jubilee concert to mark the 150th anniversary of the Northern Dutch Orchestra (NNO) @ the Oosterpoort in Groningen

Mar.15 Netherlands: Pss Maxima opens the the international art event, "Yes of course - how art saves the world", in + around the Gemeentemuseum, GEM + Hague Museum of Photography

Mar.15 Luxembourg: HGD Guillaume & HGDss Stephanie visit the Luxembourg Alzheimer Association's (ALA) care home "Beim Goldknapp", in Ettelbruck

Mar.15  Liechtenstein: 41st Birthday of Prince Constantin of Liechtenstein, Count of Rietberg   {1972}

Mar.15 Spain: Infe Felipe Pr of Asturias holds an audience with General Knud Bartels, Chairman of the NATO Military Committee, on the occasion of his official visit to Spain, @ the Palace of la Zarzuela, Madrid

Mar.15 Sweden: K.Carl XVI Gustaf attends the Swedish International Chamber of Commerce's annual meeting, Stockholm

Mar.15 Norway/Thailand: K.Harald V of Norway holds an audience with Pss Maha Chakri Sirindhorn of Thailand

Mar.15 Norway: K.Harald V presides over the Council of State @ the Royal Palace

Mar.15-17 Norway: K.Harald V attends Holmenkollen Ski Festival (FIS World Cup Nordic Holmenkollen 2013)

Mar.15 Denmark: CP Frederik & CPss Mary visit Chile [initiate Gaby-mine's new solar heating systems which are under construction]



Mar.16 France: France vs. Scotland rugby match, @ the Stade de France, Saint-Denis, Paris, France

Mar.16  Brunei: 37th Birthday of Princess Hajah Majeedah Nuurul Bolkiah of Brunei   {1976}

Mar.16-22 Belgium: Pr.Philippe Dk of Brabant & Pss Mathilde Dss of Brabant make an Economic Mission to Thailand

Mar.16 UK: Pss Anne Pss Royal, as Royal Colonel of the 52nd Lowland, 6th Battalion The Royal Regiment of Scotland, visits a Training Weekend @ Garelochhead Training Camp, Helensburgh, Dunbartonshire, Scotland

Mar.16 Sweden: Funeral of HRH Princess Lilian of Sweden, Duchess of Halland, inside the Royal Chapel @ the Royal Palace of Stockholm, followed by the burial at the Royal Cemetery in Haga (with attendance from members of the Swedish Royal Family most likely including: K.Carl XVI Gustaf, Q.Silvia, CPss Victoria, Pr.Daniel, Pr.Carl Gustaf & Pss Madeleine)

Mar.16 Denmark: Pr.Joachim & Pss Marie attend Student Revue 2013 @ the People's Theatre Studio Stage, Copenhagen



Mar.17: St. Patrick's Day

Mar.17 Brunei: 6th Birthday of Prince Abdul Muntaqim of Brunei {2007}

Mar.17-23 Japan: Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week (Spring/Summer 2014 Collections) in Tokyo, Japan

Mar.17 UK: Pr.William of Wales Dk of Cambridge & Catherine Dss of Cambridge visit the 1st Battalion Irish Guards at the St. Patrick's Day Parade @ Mons Barracks, Aldershot

Mar.17 Sweden: Pr.Daniel attends the Swedish Bandy Finals, Friends Arena, Solna

Mar.17 Norway: Q.Sonja attends the FIS World Cup Nordic Holmenkollen 2013

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