Wednesday, May 29, 2013

May 29, 2013


Queen Mother Halaevalu Mata’aho of Tonga   {1926}

Archduke Julien of Austria   {1994}

Prince Antonio of Orleans-Braganza   {1997}


The Prince Edward of the United Kingdom of Great Britain, Ireland + Hanover, Duke of Kent + Strathearn, Earl of Dublin & Princess Marie Luise Victoria/Victoire/Viktoria of of Saxe-Coburg-Saalfeld, Duchess in Saxony, The [Dowager] Princess of Leiningen   {1818} [CEREMONY #1, Lutheran: in Coburg, Germany]

Princess Azardokht Pahlavi of Iran & Darab Ganji   {1992}

Prince Maurits of Orange-Nassau & Marie Helene "Marilene" van den Broek   {1998} [CIVIL]


Hon. Leopold Windsor   {2010} [son of Lord Nicholas Windsor (son of Prince Edward, Duke of Kent {1st cousin of Queen Elizabeth II of the United Kingdom of Great Britain + Northern Ireland})]


Abdulmecid II, Caliph of Islam, Head of the Ottoman Imperial House (1922-1924)   {1868}

Admiral The Hon. Sir Alexander Ramsay   {1881} (husband of Princess Patricia of Connaught, granddaughter of Queen Victoria)

Emir Jaber III al-Ahmad al-Jaber al-Sabah of Kuwait (1977-2006)   {1926}


1814   (Marie Josephe Rose) Josephine Tascher de la Pagerie de Beauharnais, Empress consort of the French (1804-1814), Queen consort of Italy (1805-1814), Duchess of Navarre  

1885   Sultan Abdul Mo’min of Brunei (1852-1885)   

1978   Queen consort Nazli Sabri of Egypt + Sudan (1922-1936), Sultana of Egypt (1919-1922), Queen Mother of Egypt (1936-1950)  

1994   Princess May of Teck (1906-1917) [later Lady May Cambridge (1917-1931); then Lady May Abel Smith (1931-1994)]  

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