Thursday, October 9, 2014

October 9, 2014 :: Part I


Prince Edward, Duke of Kent, Earl of St. Andrews, Baron Downpatrick   {1935}

Dr. Carlos Zurita y Delgado, Duke of Hernani + Soria, Grandee of Spain   {1943} (Spain)

Princess Sirikit Nathalie (Sisowath Sirikith Nathalie / Lilly Sisowath) of Cambodia   {1979}

Sayyid Azlan bin Tariq Al-Sa’id of Oman   {2007}

Magali van Vollenhoven   {2007} (Netherlands)

Archduchess Lara of Austria   {2007}

Lola Parker Bowles   {2007} (UK)


King Erik IV “Plough-Penny” of Denmark & Jutta of Saxony   {1239}

Queen Joanna II of Navarre & King Philippe/Philip III of Navarre, Count d’Evreux   {1329} @ the Chateau de Conflans

King Louis XII of France, Duke of Valois, Duke of Orleans, Count of Beaumont, Blois, d’Asti, de Soissons + Porcien, Lord of Genoa, Duke of Milan, King of Naples & Mary of England   {1514} in Abbeville, France

King Frederik I of Denmark (1523), King of Norway (1524), Duke of Holstein-Gottorp & Sophie of Pomerania   {1518} in Kiel, Germany

Tsar Alexander I of Russia (1801-1825) & Princess Luise of Baden (after marriage known as Elisabeth Alexeievna)   {1793} in St. Petersburg, Russia

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