Thursday, May 12, 2011

May 12

May 12

Feast Day of Blessed Imelda Lambertini


Prince Wenzeslaus of Liechtenstein, Count of Rietberg   {1974} [son of Prince Philipp Erasmus of Liechtenstein (brother of Prince Hans-Adam II of Liechtenstein)]

Princess Maria-Annunciata of Liechtenstein   {1985} [daughter of Prince Nikolaus of Liechtenstein (brother of Prince Hans-Adam II of Liechtenstein) & Princess Margaretha of Liechtenstein, Princess of Luxembourg (daughter of Grand Duke Jean of Luxembourg)]
(pictured on the left next to her cousin)


Grand Duke George Mikhailovich of Russia & Princess Maria of Greece and Denmark   {1900}

Hereditary Prince Boris of Montenegro, Grand Duke of Grahovo and Zeta & Veronique Haillot Canas de Silva   {2007}
Princess Altinai of Montenegro & Anton Martynov   {2009}


254   Pope Stephen I succeeds Pope Lucius I as the 23rd pope.
303   Emperor Diocletian orders the beheading of 14-year-old Pancras of Rome.
1191   King Richard I of England marries Berengaria of Navarre in the Chapel of St. George in Limassol, Cyprus and she is crowned Queen consort of England the same day.
1264   The Battle of Lewes, between King Henry III of England and the rebel Simon de Montfort, 6th Earl of Leicester, begins.
1328   Antipope Nicholas V, a claimant to the papacy, is consecrated in Rome by the Bishop of Venice.
1588   French Wars of Religion:  King Henri III of France flees Paris after Henri of Guise enters the city and a spontaneous uprising occurs.
1689   King William's War:  King William III of England joins the League of Augsburg, starting a war with France.
1743   Empress Maria Theresia of Austria is crowned Queen of Bohemia after defeating her rival, Charles VII, Holy Roman Emperor
1797   First Coalition:  Napoleon I of France conquers Venice.
1873   Oscar II is crowned King of Sweden.
1937   George VI & Elizabeth Bowes-Lyon are crowned King & Queen of the United Kingdom of Great Britain & Northern Ireland.

1982   During a procession outside of the shrine of the Virgin Mary in Fatima, Portugal, security guards overpower Juan Fernandez Krohn before he can attack Pope John Paul II with a bayonet.


1401   Emperor Shoko of Japan (d.1428)
1496   King Gustaf I "Gustav Vasa" of Sweden (d.1560)

1590   Cosimo II de' Medici, Grand Duke of Tuscany (d.1621)

1670   King August II "the Strong" of Poland, Grand Duke of Lithuania & Elector of Saxony (as Friedrich Augustus I) (d.1733)

1725   Louis Philippe I "the Fat", Duke of Orleans (d.1785)


1003   Pope Silvester II
1012   Pope Sergius IV
1382   Queen Joan/Joanna I of Naples, Countess of Provence & Forcalquier, Queen consort of Majorca, Princess of Achaea
1465   Thomas Palaeologos, Titular Byzantine Emperor & Despot of the Morea
1708   Adolf Friedrich II of Mecklenburg-Strelitz
2003   Prince Sadruddin Aga Khan

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