Tuesday, May 31, 2011

May 29

May 29

Indianapolis "Indy" 500 race at Indiananpolis Motor Speedway in Speedway, Indiana, USA


Prince Edward, Duke of Kent and Strathearn & Princess Victoria of Saxe-Coburg-Saalfeld   {1818} (parents of Queen Victoria)

Prince Maurits of Oranje-Nassau & Marie-Helene "Marilene" van den Broek   {1998} [civil]


1328   Philippe VI is crowned King of France.
1660   English Restoration:  Charles II is restored to the throne of Great Britain.
1864   Emperor Maximilian I of Mexico arrives in Mexico for the first time.
1867   The Austro-Hungarian agreement known as Ausgleich ("the Compromise") is born through Act 12, which establishes the Austro-Hungarian Empire.
1868   The assassination of Michael Obrenovich III, Prince of Serbia, in Belgrade.
1982   Pope John Paul II becomes the first pontiff to visit Canterbury Cathedral.


1627   Mademoiselle Anne Marie Louise d'Orleans, Duchess of Montpensier, petite-fille de France ("Granddaughter of France") (d.1693)

1630   King Charles II of England (d.1685) (OS May 29; NS June 8)

1773   Princess Sophia Matilda of Gloucester (d.1844)


1259   King Christoffer I of Denmark
1379   King Enrique/Henrique II of Castile
1425   Emperor Hongxi of China

1453   Constantine XI Palaiologos, last Byzantine Emperor
1628   King Anaukpetlun of Burma
1814   Josephine de Beauharnais, former Empress-consort of the French & Queen consort of Italy, Duchess of Navarre

1868   Prince Michael (Mihailo) Obrenovich III of Serbia (May 29, old style.  June 10, new style)

1873   Prince Friedrich "Frittie" of Hesse and by Rhine (b.1870) (grandson of Queen Victoria)

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