Saturday, February 25, 2012

February 25, 2012

National Day in Kuwait

Mongolian New Year  {Tsagaan Sar}


Paola ten Cate   {2011} [daughter of Princess Margarita of Bourbon-Parma, Countess of Colorno (niece of Queen Beatrix of the Netherlands)]
                   (pictured shortly after her birth in 2011 at far left in the arms of her mother, with her sister& father to the right)


Prince Pieter-Christiaan of Orange-Nassau & Anita van Eijck   {2005}

Prince Floris of Orange-Nassau & Aimee Sohngen   {2005}


138   Emperor Hadrian of the Roman Empire adopts Antoninus Pius, effectively making him his successor.

1570   Pope Pius V excommunicates Queen Elizabeth I of England.

1912   Grand Duke Guillaume IV of Luxembourg, the eldest of six daughters of Grand Duke Guillaume IV of Luxembourg, becomes the first reigning Grand Duchess of Luxembourg.


1398   Emperor Xuande of China (d.1435)

1643   Sultan Ahmed II of the Ottoman Empire (d.1695)

1883   Princess Alice of the United Kingdom of Great Britain + Ireland, Countess of Athlone {previously Princess Alice of Albany {1883-1904); Princess of Saxe-Coburg + Gotha, Duchess of Saxony (1883-1917); Princess Alexander of Teck (1904-1917); The Honourable Lady Cambridge (July 1917)} (d.1981)

1885   Princess Victoria Alice of Battenberg, Princess Andrew of Greece + Denmark (d.1969) {mother of Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh}


1246   King/Prince Dafydd ap Llywelyn of Gwynedd, Prince of Wales

1558   Archduchess Eleanor/Leonor/Eleonore/Alienor of Austria, Infanta of Castile, Queen consort of Portugal (1518-1521), Queen consort of France (1530-1547)

1713   King Friedrich I of Prussia, Elector of Brandenburg {as the III}

1850   Emperor Daoguang of Manchurian Qing China

1912   Grand Duke Guillaume IV of Luxembourg, Duke of Nassau

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