Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Laissez Le Bon Temps Rouler!

February 21, 2012

last day of Mardi Gras / Shrove Tuesday / Fat Tuesday / Pancake Tuesday / end of Carnival season (Western Christianity/Anglican/Roman Catholic; USA: Alabama, Louisiana & Mississippi; Brazil, Columbia, Trinidad + Tobago, Canada: Quebec City; Mexico; other parts of the Caribbean & Latin America; Belgium, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, Sweden, etc)

International Mother Language Day  (UNESCO)


King Harald V of Norway   {1937}

King Jigme Khesar Namgyel Wangchuck of Bhutan   {1980}

Prince Amedeo of Belgium, Archduke of Austria-Este, Prince Imperial of Austria, Prince Royal of Hungary + Bohemia, Hereditary Prince of Modena   {1986} [son of Princess Astrid of Belgium, Archduchess of Austria-Este (daughter of King Albert II of the Belgians)]


King Willem II of the Netherlands, Grand Duke of Luxembourg, Duke of Limburg & Grand Duchess Anna Pavlovna of Russia   {1816}


1613   Michael I [Mikhail Fyodorovich Romanov] is elected unanimously as Tsar by a national assembly, beginning the Romanov dynasty of Imperial Russia.


1484   Prince-Elector Joachim I Nestor of Brandenburg (d.1535)

1728   Tsar Peter III of Russia, Emperor + Autocrat of All the Russias (d.1762)

1783   Princess Catharina of Wurttemberg, Queen consort of Westphalia, Princess of Montfort (d.1835)


1437   King James I of Scotland {King of Scots}

1513   Pope Julius II

1730   Pope Benedict XIII

1824   Eugene de Beauharnais, Prince Francais, Prince of Venice, Hereditary Grand Duke of Frankfurt, 1st Duke of Leuchtenberg, 1st Prince of Eichstatt {step-son + adopted child of Emperor Napoleon I Bonaparte of the French Empire}

1846   Emperor Ninko of Japan

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