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June 6

June 6

D-Day Commemoration

Sweden's National Day


King Albert II of the Belgians   {1934}
Prince Luis of Orleans-Braganza, de jure Emperor of Brazil   {1938}


Prince Oscar Fredrik of Sweden, Duke of Ostergotland (future King Oscar II  of Sweden-Norway) & Princess Sophia Wilhelmina of Nassau   {1857}

Princess Alexandra of Sayn-Wittgenstein-Berleburg & Count Jefferson von Pfeil & Klein-Ellguth   {1998}


1523   Gustav Vasa is elected King of Sweden, marking the end of the Kalmar Union.

1644   The Qing Dynasty Manchu forces led by the Shunzhi Emperor capture Beijing during the collapse of the Ming Dynasty.  The Manchus would rule China until 1912 when the Republic of China is established.
1654   Karl X Gustav succeeds his abdicated cousin, Queen Christina of Sweden, to the Swedish throne.
1674   Shivaji, the founder of the Maratha empire, is crowned.

1808   Napoleon's brother, Joseph Bonaparte, is crowned King of Spain.

1882   The Shewan forces of Menelik II of Ethiopia defeat the Gojjame army in the Battle of Embabo.
1921   The Southwark Bridge in London is opened for traffic by King George V & Queen Mary.

1974   A new Instrument of Government is promulgated making Sweden a parliamentary monarchy.


1502   King Joao III of Portugal (d.1557)

1714   King Jose I of Portugal & the Algarves (d.1777)

1772   Princess Maria Theresa of Naples & Sicily (The Two Sicilies), Infanta of Spain, Archduchess of Austria, Holy Roman Empress consort, Queen consort of the Romans, Empress consort of Austria (d.1807)

1872   Tsarina Alexandra Feodorovna of Russia, Empress of All the Russias (d.1918)


1393   Emperor Go-En'yu of Japan

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