Thursday, June 2, 2011

Welcome June!

health & longevity

Seasons:  Spring & Summer (in northern hemisphere)

Zodiac signs:  Gemini & Cancer

Birthstones:  Pearl, Moonstone, Alexandrite

Flowers:  Rose, Honeysuckle

Moon names:  Flower Moon, Rose Moon, Strawberry Moon, Honey Moon

Where I live, June is a month popular for Weddings, Bridal Showers, First Holy Communions, & School Graduations.  It's the beginning of summer, so we look forward to cook-outs, bbqs, picnics, parades, swimming, camping, trips to the lake, zoo, fairs, carnivals, festivals & theme parks.

Celebrations & Events in June

 Feast of the Ascension {Ascension Thursday} (Christianity)   June 2
Coronation Day (UK & Commonwealth)   June 2
Italian Republic Day (Italy)   June 2
Sweden's Flag Day (National Day)   June 6
D-Day   June 6
Shavuot   (Jewish) sunset June 7- nightfall June 9
Trooping the Colour  {Queen's official birthday celebration} (UK)   June 11
Pentecost  {Whitsunday}   June 12
Mother's Day in Luxembourg   June 12
Father's Day in Belgium   June 12
Garter Day (UK)   June 13
Royal Ascot (UK)   June 14-18
Flag Day (USA)   June 14
Denmark's Flag Day   June 15
Midsummer, celebrated in Finland & Sweden   June 17
Independence Day in Iceland   June 17
Father's Day (USA + more)   June 19
Juneteenth  (primarily in Texas)   June 19
Argentina's Flag Day   June 20
First Day of Summer {Summer Solstice} (northern hemisphere)   June 21
St. Jean Baptiste Day (especially Quebec)   June 24
Romania's Flag Day   June 26
Feast of Sts Peter & Paul   June 29

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