Thursday, March 15, 2012

March 15, 2012

Ides of March

World Consumer Rights Day

Constitution Day in Belarus

International Day Against Police Brutality

Honen Matsuri Day in Japan  {Harvest, prosperity & fertility thanksgiving festival}

National Day in Hungary  {Celebrating the 1848 Revolution}


Prince Constantin of Liechtenstein, Count of Rietberg   {1972} (son of Prince Hans-Adam II of Liechtenstein)


221   Liu Bei, a Chinese warlord and member of the Han royal house, declares himself emperor of Shu-Han and claims his legitimate succession to the Han Dynasty.

351   Emperor Constantius II of the Roman Empire elevates his cousin Gallus to Caesar, and puts him in charge of the Eastern part of the Roman Empire.

933   After a ten-year truce, King Heinrich I "the Fowler" of Germany defeats a Hungarian army at the Battle of Riade near the Unstrut River.

1311   Battle of Halmyros: The Catalan Company defeats Walter/Gautier V, Count of Brienne, to take control of the Duchy of Athens, a Crusader state in Greece.

1564   Mughal Emperor Akbar abolishes jizya (per capita tax).

1672   King Charles II of England, Scotland + Ireland issues the Royal Declaration of Indulgence.

1917   Tsar Nicholas II of Russia abdicates the throne and his brother Grand Duke Mikhail becomes Tsar.

1922   After Egypt gains nominal independence from the United Kingdom, Sultan Fuad I becomes King of Egypt.


938   Emperor Romanos/Romanus II of the Byzantine Empire (d.963)

1275   Margaret of England, Duchess consort of Brabant, Limburg + Luxembourg {daughter of King Edward I of England; sister of King Edward II of England} (d. after 1333)

1638   Emperor Shunzhi of Manchu Qing China (d.1661)

1737   Queen consort Amarinda of Siam (d.1826)

1877   Reza Shah Pahlavi, Shahanshah of Iran (1925-1941) (d.1944)


220   Cao Cao, Emperor/King Wu of Wei China

493   King Flavius Odoacer of Italy

1145   Pope Lucius II

1311   Walter/Gautier V, Count of Brienne, Duke of Athens

1416   Jean "the Magnificent", Duke of Berry + Auvergne, Count of Poitier + Montpensier {son of King Jean II of France; brother of King Charles V of France}

1644   Louise Juliana of Orange-Nassau, Electress consort Palatine of the Rhine

1961   Queen consort Musbah of Jordan

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