Saturday, March 24, 2012

March 24, 2012

World Day for Achievers

World Tuberculosis Day


1401   Amir Timur/Tamerlane of the Timurid Empire sacks Damascus.

1603   King James VI of Scotland also becomes King of England [as James I].

1707   The Acts of Union 1707 is signed, officially uniting the Kingdoms of England and Scotland to create the Kingdom of Great Britain.

1721   Johann Sebastian Bach dedicates six concertos to Margrave Christian Ludwig of Brandenburg-Schwedt, now commonly called the Brandenburg Concertos, BWV 1046-1051.


1628   Duchess Sophie Amalie of Brunswick-Luneburg, Queen consort of Denmark + Norway (d.1685)


1284   King Hugh/Hughues [de Poitiers/de Lusignan] III "the Great" of Cyprus, King of Jerusalem [as Hugh I]

1455   Pope Nicholas V

1603   Queen Elizabeth I of England + Ireland {"The Virgin Queen", "Gloriana", "Good Queen Bess"}

1805   Prince Aloys I of Liechtenstein

1953   Princess Victoria Mary of Teck (1867-1893), Princess of Saxe-Coburg + Gotha (1893-1917), Duchess in Saxony (1893-1917), Queen consort of the United Kingdom + the British Dominions, Empress consort of India

1986   Prince Michael Petrovic-Njegos of Montenegro, King [as Mihaijlo I] of Montenegro {1921-1929/1986}, Grand Duke of Grahovo + Zeta

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