Friday, March 2, 2012

March 2, 2012

Texas Independence Day  (Texas, USA)

Read Across America Day  (USA)


Martin Jorgensen   {1978} [husband of Countess Alexandra of Frederiksborg (ex-wife of Prince Joachim of Denmark {son of Queen Margrethe II of Denmark})]

Eloise Taylor    {2003} [daughter of Lady Helen Taylor (daughter of Prince Edward, Duke of Kent {1st cousin of Queen Elizabeth II of the United Kingdom of Great Britain + Northern Ireland})]


986   Louis V becomes King of the Franks {King of Western Francia}

1127   Assassination of Blessed Charles I "the Good", Count of Flanders

1476   Burgundian Wars:  The Old Swiss Confederacy hands Charles "the Bold", Duke of Burgundy, a major defeat in the Battle of Grandson in the Canton of Neuchatel.

1484   The College of Arms is formally incorporated by Royal Charter signed by King Richard III of England.

1855   Alexander II becomes Tsar of Russia.

1861   Emancipation reform of 1861 in Russia:  Tsar Alexander II of Russia signs the emancipation reform into law, abolishing Russian serfdom.

1882   Queen Victoria of the United Kingdom of Great Britain + Ireland narrowly escapes an assassination attempt by Roderick McLean in Windsor.

1939   Cardinal Eugenio Pacelli is elected Pope and takes the name Pius XII.

1955   King Norodom Sihanouk of Cambodia abdicates the throne in favor of his father, King Norodom Suramarit.


1316   King Robert II of Scotland {King of Scots} (d.1390)

1409   Jean II, Duke of Alencon, Count of Perche (d.1476)

1459   Pope Adrian VI (d.1523)

1810   Pope Leo XIII (d.1903)

1843   Princess Maria Clotilde of Savoy, Princess Napoleon/Princess Bonaparte (d.1911)

1876   Pope Pius XII (d.1958)


1316   Princess Marjorie Bruce of Scotland {daughter of Robert the Bruce, King of Scots}

1619   Princess Anne of Denmark, Queen consort of Scotland, England + Ireland

1835   Holy Roman Emperor Franz II , Emperor of Austria, King in Germany, King of Hungary, Croatia, Bohemia, Dalmatia, Slavonia, Galicia, + Lodomeria, Archduke of Austria, Duke of Lorraine, Salzburg, Wurzburg, Franconia, Styria, Carinthia, Carniola, Grand Duke of Cracow, Grand Prince of Transylvania, Margrave of Moravia, Duke of Upper + Lower Silesia, Auschwitz, + Teschen, Prince of Berchtesgarden,  Princely Count of Habsburg, Margrave of Upper + Lower Lusatia, etc

1855   Tsar Nicholas I of Russia, Emperor + Autocrat of All the Russias, King of Poland, Grand Duke of Finland

1936   Princess Victoria Melita "Ducky" of Edinburgh (1876-1893), Princess of the United Kingdom of Great Britain + Ireland (1876-1893), Princess of Saxe-Coburg + Gotha (1876-1894 & 1901-1908), Duchess of Saxony, The Grand Duchess consort of Hesse + by Rhine (1894-1901), Grand Duchess [as Viktoria Feodorovna] of Russia (1908-1936)

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