Tuesday, January 31, 2012

January 31, 2012

Feast of Saint John Bosco  (Roman Catholic)

Independence Day in Nauru  (1968)


Queen Beatrix of the Netherlands, Princess of Orange-Nassau, Princess of Lippe-Biesterfeld, Marquis of Veere + Vlissingen, Count of Buren, Culemborg, + Leerdam, Count of Dietz, Katzenelnbogen, + Spiegelberg, Count of Viaden, Viscount of Antwerp, Baron of Breda, Cranendonck, Cuijik, Eindhoven, Grave, + Liesveld, Baron of Diest, Herstal, + Warneton, Baron of Bielstein, Baron of Arlay + Nozeroy, Hereditary Lord of Ameland, Lord of Baarn, Borculo, Bredevoort, Geertruindenberg, Hooge en Lage Zwaluwe, Klundert, Lichtenvoorde, 't Loo, Naaldwijk, Niervaart, Polanen, Steenbergen, Sint Maartensdijk, Soest, Ter Eem, Willemstad, + Zevenbergen, Lord of Butgenbach, Sankt Vith, + Turnhout, Lord of Besancon + Montfort, Lord of Daasburg   {1938}


Archduke Karl of Austria, Prince Imperial of Austria, Prince Royal of Hungary, Croatia + Bohemia & Baroness Francesca Thyssen-Bornemisza of Kaszon + Imperfalva   {1993}


314   Silvester I begins his reign as Pope of the Catholic Church, succeeding Pope Miltiades.

1606   Gunpowder Plot:  Guy Fawkes is executed for his plotting against Parliament and King James I + VI of England, Scotland + Ireland.


877   Emperor Taejo of Goryeo Korea (d.943)

1512   King Henrique "the Chaste" of Portugal + the Algarves (d.1580)

1550   Henry I "the Scarred", Duke of Guise, Prince of Joinville, Count of Eu (d.1588)

1835   King Lunalilo of Hawai'i, King of the Hawaiian Islands (d.1874)


1398   Emperor Suko of Japan

1435   Emperor Xuande of China

1580   King Henrique "the Chaste" of Portugal + the Algarves

1788   Prince Charles Edward Stuart "Bonnie Prince Charlie / the Young Pretender" [grandson of King James II/VII of England, Scotland + Ireland]

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