Monday, January 9, 2012

January 9, 2012


Princess William [Catherine/"Kate"] of Wales, Duchess of Cambridge, Countess of Strathearn, Baroness Carrickfergus   {1982} [wife of Prince William of Wales, Duke of Cambridge (son of The Prince Charles, Prince of Wales {son of Queen Elizabeth II of the United Kingdom of Great Britain + Northern Ireland})]


Crown Prince Pavlos/Paul of Greece & Princess Friederike/Frederica of Hanover, Great Britain + Ireland, Duchess of Brunswick-Luneburg   {1938}

George Windsor, Earl of St. Andrews & Sylvana Tomaselli   {1988}


475   Emperor Zeno of the Byzantine Empire is forced to flee his yard at Constantinople, and his general, Basiliscus gains control of the empire.

1127   Invading Jurchen soldiers from the Jin Dynasty besiege and sack Bianjing (Kaifeng), the capital of the Song Dynasty of China, and abduct Emperor Qinzong and others, ending the Northern Song Dynasty.

1822   Infante Pedro of Portugal [The Prince of Beira, The Prince of Brazil, The Prince Royal] decides to stay in Brazil against the orders of his father, King Joao VI of Portugal, starting the Brazilian independence process.

1878   Umberto I becomes King of Italy.

1905   According to the Julian calendar [which was used at the time], Russian workers stage a march on the Winter Palace in St. Petersburg, Russia that ends in the massacre by Tsarist troops known as Bloody Sunday. setting off the Revolution of 1905.


1554   Pope Gregory XV (d.1623)

1624   Empress Meisho of Japan (d.1696)

1848   Princess Frederica of Hanover + Cumberland, Princess of Great Britain + Ireland, Baroness consort of Pawel-Rammingen (d.1926)

1900   Princess Marie/Marija "Mignon" of Romania, Queen consort of Yugoslavia (d.1961)


1150   Emperor Xizong of Jin China

1499   Johann II Cicero, Prince-Elector of Brandenburg

1514   Anna/Anne, Duchess of Brittany, Queen consort of France, Queen consort of Sicily + Jerusalem, Countess of Nantes, Montfort + Richmont, Viscountess of Limoges

1873   Emperor [Louis-]Napoleon III of the French

1878   King Vittorio Emanuele II of Italy "Father of the Fatherland", King of Sardinia, Cyprus, Jerusalem + Armenia, Duke of Savoy, Prince of Piedmont, Duke of Genoa, Aosta + Piacenza

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