Friday, December 30, 2011

Blog Info & Maintenance

Hi everyone!

With my blog coming up on its first "birthday", and 2012 right around the corner as well, I've made a few small changes.  I've been fiddling with different elements for a while, so I apologize if it's been annoying... I may keep tweaking things for a bit longer....

I've decided to use page breaks within my posts, to make the blog load faster for some readers.  At the bottom of each post appearing on the Home page, there is a link "Click here to read more", that will take you to the rest of the day's post, which usual contains historic information and photos.

Please take a look at the tabs on the top.  I've created pages for different categories of information that may be of interest.  I try to keep these as updated & accurate as possible, and I hope to keep building on those.

Also, please feel free to comment or share any ideas of your own for what you'd like to see here, along with any corrections that are necessary.  Even after almost a year of figuring out this whole blog thing, I'm still very 'green' and have a lot to learn - I'm open to ideas!

Thank you to the few of you that have taken time out of your busy lives and stopped by these past few months, I hope it continues!

Happy New Year!

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