Thursday, December 8, 2011

December 8

Feast of the Immaculate Conception [of the Blessed Virgin Mary]  (Roman Catholic; some Anglican & Lutheran churches as a Lesser Festival)

Bodhi Day in Japan  (Buddhist)

Constitution Day in Romania  (1991)

Constitution Day in Uzbekistan  (1992)

Mother's Day in Panama


Archduke Imre of Austria   {1985} [son of Archduchess Marie Astrid of Austria, Princess of Luxembourg (daughter of Grand Duke Jean of Luxembourg & sister of Grand Duke Henri of Luxembourg)]


Prince Gaston of Orleans   {2009} [son of Prince Jean of Orleans, Duke of Vendome (son of Prince Henri of Orleans, Count of Paris, Duke of France)]


1854   In his Apostolic constitution Ineffabilis Deus, Pope Pius IX proclaims the dogmatic definition of Immaculate Conception, which holds that the Virgin Mary was born free of original sin.

1907   King Gustaf V of Sweden accedes to the Swedish throne.

1974   A plebiscite results in the abolition of monarchy in Greece.


1542   Mary, Queen of Scots (Dec. 14, 1542 - July 24, 1567)[aka Mary Stuart/Queen Mary I of Scotland], Queen consort of France (July 10, 1559 - Dec. 5, 1560) (d.1587)

1574   Duchess Maria Anna of Bavaria, Archduchess of Austria (d.1616)

1626   Queen Christina/Kristina [aka Kristina Augusta/Christina Alexandra] of Sweden [Swedes, Goths + Vandals], Grand Princess of Finland, Duchess of Ingria, Estonia, Livonia + Karelia [1633-1654] (d.1689) {Dec. 8 is the Old Style date, with Dec. 18 being the New Style date}

1699   Archduchess Maria Josepha of Austria, Queen consort of Poland [as Maria Jozefa], Grand Duchess consort of Lithuania, Electress consort of Saxony (d.1757)

1708   Francis I [Francis Stephen/Stefan], Holy Roman Emperor, King of the Romans/King in Germany, King of Jerusalem, Archduke of Austria, Grand Duke of Tuscany, Duke of Lorraine (1729-1735), Duke of Bar, Duke of Calabira, Duke of Silesia in Teschen, Prince of Charleville, Margrave of Pont-a-Mousson, Count of Provence, Vaudemont, Blamont, Zutphen, Saarwerden, Salm + Falkenstein (d.1765)

1756   Archduke Maximilian Franz/Francis of Austria, Archbishop-Elector of Cologne (d.1801)

1818   Prince Charles III of Monaco, Duke of Valentinois (d.1889)


899   King Arnulf of East Francia, King of Italy, Holy Roman Emperor

1722   Elizabeth/Elisabeth Charlotte "Liselotte", Princess Palatine, Countess Palatine of the Rhine, Duchess of Bavaria, Duchess of Orleans

1907   King Oscar II of Sweden, King of Norway (1872-1905)

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