Tuesday, December 27, 2011

December 23


O Antiphons  (Roman Catholic)

Las Posadas  (Roman Catholic/Mexico, Latin America, southwestern USA)

Hanukkah  (Judaism)


Emperor Akihito of Japan   {1933}

Queen Silvia of Sweden   {1943} (wife of King Carl XVI Gustaf of Sweden)

Grand Duchess Maria Vladimirovna of Russia   {1953} (pretender Empress + Autocrat of All the Russias)

Prince Ali bin Al Hussein of Jordan   {1975} (half-brother of King Abdullah II of Jordan)

Tjalling ten Cate   {1975} [husband of Princess Margarita of Bourbon-Parma, Countess of Colorno (niece of Queen Beatrix of the Netherlands)]


1688   As part of the Glorious Revolution, King James II + VII of England, Ireland + Scotland flees England to Paris after being deposed in favor of his nephew Prince William/Willem III of Orange, Count of Nassau, Stadholder of Holland + Zeeland, and King James II/VII's daughter, The Lady Mary of England, Princess consort of Orange.

2007   An agreement is made for the monarchy of Nepal to be abolished and the country to become a federal republic with the Prime Minister becoming head of state.


1173   Ludwig I, Duke of Bavaria, Count Palatine of the Rhine (d.1231)

1750   King Friedrich August I of Saxony, Elector of Saxony (as the III; 1763-1806), Duke of Warsaw (1807-1813) (d.1827)

1777   Tsar Alexander I of Russia, Emperor + Autocrat of All the Russias, King of Poland, Grand Duke of Finland + Lithuania [Dec. 23 is the New Style date; Old Style date is Dec. 12] (d.1825)

1864   Princess Ljubica "Zorka" of Montenegro, Princess of Serbia (d.1890)


679   King Dagobert II of Austrasia

918   King Conrad I "the Younger" of Germany, King of East Francia, Duke of Franconia

1230   Berengaria/Berenguela/Berengere of Navarre, Queen consort of England

1588   Henri I "the Scarred", Duke of Guise, Prince of Joinville, Count of Eu

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