Monday, December 5, 2011

December 5

Ashura  (Islam/parts of the Middle East + Asia)

Sinterklaas Eve/Saint Nicholas' Eve  (Christianity/Netherlands, Belgium, Czech Rep., Slovakia, Hungary, Romania, Poland, UK)

International Day for Volunteer Economic + Social Development

National Day + Father's Day in Thailand 


King Bhumibol Adulyadej [Rama IX] of Thailand   {1927}

Prince Konstantin-Assen of Bulgaria, Prince of Vidin, Duke of Saxony   {1967} (son of Tsar Simeon II of Bulgaria)


1082   Ramon Berenguer II, Count of Barcelona, is assassinated.

1484   Pope Innocent VIII issues the Summis desiderantes affectibus, a papal bull that deputizes Heinrich Kramer and James Spranger as inquisitors to root out alleged witchcraft in Germany and leads to one of the most oppressive witch hunts in European history.

1496   King Manuel I of Portugal issues a decree of expulsion of "heretics" from the country.

1590   Niccolo Sfondrati becomes Pope Gregory XIV.

1757   Seven Years' War:  Battle of Leuthen - Friedrich II, King in Prussia, leads Prussian forces to a decisive victory over Austrian forces under Prince Charles Alexander of Lorraine.


1377   Emperor Jianwen [Zhu Yunwen] of Ming China (d.1402)

1443   Pope Julius II (d.1513)


1082   Ramon Berenguer II "the Towhead", Count of Barcelona

1355   Jan/John III, Duke of Brabant, Lothier + Limburg

1560   King Francois II of France

1891   Emperor Pedro II "the Magnanimous" of Brazil

1969   Princess Alice of Battenberg, Princess [Andrew] of Greece + Denmark, mother of Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh

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